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Reka Alam Indonesia ( Result of Indonesia Nature Creation ) is the company who made a multi businesses base on Indonesia natural resources. We develop our mental attitude and work system in one spirit of changes to go to the next level of life. We are a home for everyone who have passion of advancement to build new paradigm about themselves, the others and environment to make a better future.

We believes that Success is a Journey, it is depend on how we pass the challenges to achieve sustainable success. To make our dream come true, we build and develope our strengt in the spirit of Unity in Diversity. It was materialized in our Vision and Mission that will make it happen.

We Brings The Future Today becomes our mental branding to achieve our glorious in the future. This words will change our paradigm that the better future must start from the beginning ( today ) and take an actions continuously. We are focus on achievement and develop our character along with mental personality to be more effective, dynamic and productive to make a positive work environment and work attitudes.

REAL Indonesia ( Reka Alam Indonesia ) is our form identity to reflect and clarify for who we really are that work and operate in TEAM not individual. In other words, we built and develop our system at whole part of Indonesia to make advancement together with no exploiting or damaging our resources (human and natural resources) but to maintain our harmony, uniquely and naturally for future.

We describe what we have to do as My Job Is My Holiday which it has a meaning that what we're doing our businesses because we lived and love to do it. We feel free as human being and take an actions with happiness in every opportunities to bring a new life for others and ourselves.

This is our commitment to make it happen :
TO BE ... We works with Integrity and Honestly
TO DO .... We serve with our Heart for others Satisfaction
TO HAVE ...We develop and growing up due to Continuous Improvement

We are not just doing business and seek material alone, but we act of devotion also to make happiness and advancement for everyone. We want to be a big family of real Indonesia who forward together and develop each others to make a glorious continuously in the future.

" We Love How We Lives ... and To Be What We Loves "



Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world with the biological variety and the most complete of natural capital. With all of the natural resources plentiously and various of human resources from variety of ethnic groups who spread at all of region, Indonesia have an extraordinary potential as the big country with established prosperity.

In other wise, those potentials have not maximum reserved yet to support and create the advancement as significantly and apportionment as well as the high population growth.

Here are some of Indonesia potential fact :

  1. Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world with 93.000 km wide of Indonesian waters and 81.000 km length of coast line and compose in 113.466 of islands.
  2. Indonesia has a lot of potential the ocean products with the water area for 2/3% than the land.
  3. Indonesia is one of the countries who have the most important natural resources and capitalize to provide the energy and the mines products that the world has admitted for it.
  4. Indonesia has a potential to be the biggest of agricultural country with the various of crop appropriate by the fertility of lands on each region especially at the big islands.
  5. Indonesia is the country who have the big potential for art and cultural tourism with the various of ethnic groups background.
  6. Indonesia has a potential for eco-tourism with the most complete of original endemic in the world and some of them could be found only in here.
  7. Indonesia has potential to provide the quality of human resources in all sector and some of them has a reputation and appreciated by international level.
  8. Indonesia has a spirit and mental of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ( Unity in Diversity ) as the guardian and nation unifier when get a threatment from the other sides who will annoying the stability and national security.
  9. Indonesia is the country with full of love and have their own way to makes everybody live in happiness not just in fun.
  10. Indonesia is not black and white colors. Whoever you are, what religion you are, which citizen you are won't be as bad result for Indonesian to accept and welcome everyone with heart and open hand as human being.

And a lot of another potentials could be found, with all of the facts, Indonesia should have the world attention for the country who have quality, quantity and big potential as the world recomendation for collective interest and advancement as well as in mental, spiritual or material.

So ... let's bring the future today.

love indonesia

Your satisfaction is the first priority for us

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