real adventure mountaineering


" Life Without Adventures is Nothing "

You will never know how high you can fly and how long you can go until you are there ...
And after it all, you will ask for who you really are and what you really need ...

Your life is belongs to you and there is nobody have control to change it ...
Just give a chance for yourself to enjoy and to explore the life itself ...
And let the universe gives you the answer about the realities ...

Life is an adventure where an indeterminancy factors will always accompany along with the expectations that has been planned. Every single person should have a high expetations to be reached at the top of their life. And as the consequences, it will need an effort and high spirit in every detail of the journey processing to achieve the destination. And it will be a valuable process for life itself, not just for goal achievement.

Increase self confidence and always sharpen the shaw are the death prices that should be done in addition to make a good planning and preparation for goal achievement. The encourage of taking a positive mental attitude to decide the right determination and take an actions is the most of improtant value when situation and condition were not in the best side to support the planning and preparation that you have made.

You will be nothing when you never go for something ....!!!

An adventures started from here to begin a new life. You will never know how strong and how tough you are until you join in and push your limit to achieve your glory in the real adventure of Indonesia. You won't see anything until you open the eyes and looking at yourself to make celebration for the victories. You will be nothing until you bring yourself to the deep and hard of struggling for something, because, your destination is depend on how you through the journey and pass the challenges.

How dare you are to challenge yourself and pass the challenges to make your dreams come true, which, the great victory didn't achieved when you reach the top of the journey, but when you afford to beat yourself and keep standing along with surely stepping forward to achieve your destinations continuously. It is true and reality that your big enemies is you for ever the time.

Follow your instinc and flow with your passion to take an actions and win your glorious of mind ....!!!

We provides the best talented officer to accompany and direct you as long as your journey to make sure that you are safely, secure, full of services, enjoy and get the maximum results during through the real adventure of Indonesia. We gives you the best experiences as long as the journey beyond your imagination and expectations.

The following activities will increase your adrenaline to be more tested :
1. The wild and original of National Park Expedition
2. The Amazing of Legendary Volcano
3. The Exotic of Cave and Beach Exploration
4. The Amazonesia River Expedition
5. The Lost World of Papua Expedition

When you decide to turn back for your steps, then you have already know
the answer about who you really are.....

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We can modify and customize for where and how your trip in Indonesia base on your desire.

Have a plan to have an adventure in Indonesia ???

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