SIPISO-PISO, Sumatera Utara - The Land of Angel, this predicate gifted for the incredible sigh seeing from this mountain. You will found an extra ordinary of lake crater and the beauty of landscape among your journey. The long journey is worthed with an extra-ordinary moment when you reach the summit. It's the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia.
BENANG KELAMBU, NTB - This mountain is the top roof of Java. It is worthed with your struggle and through the challenges journey to the top when you hear the smoke explosion ( Wedhus Gembel = local people mention it ) from the crater. Please stay for one night at Ranu Kumbolo lake if you want to feel the sense of the universe.
MADAKARIPURA, Jawa Timur - Rengganis is the top of this mountain and has an old myth story for local people. It has the longest journey to the top of the mountain in Java, but it will give you another fascinating experiences with the variance trekking. If you interesting, you may submission two top of mountain at once...Mt. Welirang.
SENDANG GILE, Lombok - Predicated as the highest volcano in South East Asia, Mt, Kerinci is the amazing mountain with an impression sight seeing at the top or below. This mountain is a home for Sumateran Tiger and Sumateran Rhino that both almost extinct from their habit. You may take a rest, relax and enjoy the beauty of Seven Mountain Lake.
MORAMO, Sulawesi Tenggara - Bali is not only the heaven of beaches, but it has famous volcano which located at the middle of Batur Lake ( big crater ). Mt. Batur is the holy place for Balinesse and believed as the guardian of Bali island. This is a small mountain and need 1 day only to climb up...but you will see what was God saw.
MURSALA, Sumatera Utara - The twin charm of Mt. Merapi is what people mention for it. If you are lucky, there is the best moment at the top of mountain to see the sunrise with cumullus cloud which forms like a comfortable bed. This mountain have two adjacent summit : "Syarief" summit and "Kenteng Songo" summit.
SALUOPA, Sulawesi Tengah - Mt. Sibayak is a small stratovolcano in North Sumatera. It is the great of fast transit and need one day trekking only for anybody who want to go to the summit. There is a smoking big hole with thundering sound just like a plane which crossing the sky. And natural hot water is the bonus when you're there.
DUA WARNA, Sumatera utara - It is not an active volcano but located at Dieng Plateau area. Hot spring and fast trekking with beautiful sight seeing is the best offered from here and became a good reason as the famous camping ground. You'll see the twin mountain; Mt. Sindoro and Mt. Sumbing which standing stoutly in front of you.
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