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The Gods Island is what people mention for it, moreover, foreign tourist only known Bali not Indonesia. For centuries, travelers from all over the world have marveled at the sights and sounds and verdant beauty of the island of the Indonesian Archipelago. Here, island-hopping becomes an art form, for no place on earth offers such an exquisite diversity of landscape and culture.

In Indonesia you will find five star resorts overlooking gleaming white sandy beaches, or luxurious retreats nestled in lush tropical gardens. There's a whole world of water sport adventures including sailing, diving, snorkeling, parasailing and white water rafting. And an infinite number of idyllic settings for those who simply want to take it easy in the shade of a banyan tree with the latest bestseller.

On the paradise island of Bali the sweet, dreamlike sounds of the "gamelan" float on the blossomy air. The island gains a reputation as the exotic tropical island paradise, with its majestic volcanoes, spectacular terraced rice fields, golden beaches, and a rich and colorful culture. There can be few places of comfortable size that have more ceremonies and festivals than Bali.

The Exotic Island,
Bali have their own ways to make everybody enjoy and have memorable moment when they come to this island. The local people have been changing Bali in different perception to see beautiful as art.
Mt. Batur, It is not extreme enough for the mountain but it will give another perception about the mountain itself. You may enjoy during the trek to fulfill your mind and soul with the best of landscape in the blue sky that offered.
Kecak Dance, This is the most hunted for tourist to see the magic dance in Bali. The main idea in Kecak dance is the story about life itself, where human is the object from goodness and badness in the world.
Ubud, is an extra-ordinary region in Bali for last decades, and moreover, Hollywood already knew when Ubud became main site in one of the movie. This location is like the green heaven in the earth.
Panglipuran Village, Here are peaceful and tranquility was borned in the middle of progression. Panglipuran village is very concern to take care of both to make balance in life itself. Here are the quiet place among of the crowd.
Brja Sandhi, is the historical monument for Bali's people, which, it's remain them for the people struggle in the past time to survive and release from the strenth of who want to got of best of Bali.
Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary,
Life Guardian for the balance of life, which, it has a Trilogy beliefs ( TRI HITA KARANA ) for local people - human (temple), animal (monkey) and nature (jungle) - its meant balance to have a happiness in life.
The Beach, Bali is the beach itself and the world already knew and give recommendation for it. When you visit Bali and do not enjoying the beauty of the beaches, its meant you haven't go to Bali, some people said by their experiences to feel and enjoying Bali sensation.
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In Bali, the most of local people beliefs is Hinduism, so it won't be surprised if you will see a a thousand of temple at the whole part of the island. There are over 20,000 temples and most of villages should have at least three, and every temple holds an "odalan" ( temple festival ) once every 210 days, then we could say that every day is a festival day, somewhere.

Bali is romantic island and becomes the one of the most favourite location for newlyweds to get a honeymoon or couple who want to celebration for their marriage only, and Ubud is the best offer for it which this location have an amazing green field ( rice terrace ) with the beautiful landscape in cool weather. There are so many places with the best romance condition to offer and will makes your day as the perfect day with your beloves one. Here, both of you will be treated as The King and The Queen even for a day. It is the perfect day in the perfect world.

There are various activities that you can do in Bali: water sport, jungle trekking, ecotourism, visit the original and traditional village ( Panglipuran Village ), to see and learn dancing and painting, stay for vacation at high class hotel or just a local lodge with special services, mountaineering and so on.

Its perferct location also support you to discover the neighboring island within the archipelago such as : Komodo Island, Flores, Lombok, Java which Real Indonesia will serve and dedicate to you the best of holiday trip according to your needs. Your satisfaction is the first priority for us.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.

There are a lot of itinerary to offer in Bali, please make sure your needs or desire destinations you want to visit to makes us easier to give you the best services in our holiday trip program during at the island.


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