The Wonderful of Indonesia

Indonesia is theme that will never the end to make stories, and you are the script-writter and an artiste in the dream teathre, which, the script wrote with golden ink at the top of the silk. It is not story-telling but inspiration in serialized story about love and beauty, about struggle and desire, about death and eternity, about friendship and togetherness, about happiness and simplicity, and about hopes and realities. It is not only material and prosperity nor victory, but Unity in Diversity, and all of its embraced in one theme.....This is Real Indonesia.

Indonesia is not in black and white color, here is the country with full of love and passion and have their own way to makes everybody live in happiness not just in fun. Whoever you are, what religion you are, which citizen you are won't be as bad result for Indonesian to accept and welcome to everyone with heart and open hand as human being, because Indonesia is a home for everyone in anytime and anywhere.

Indonesia with all of the enchantments becomes one of the most favourite country to visit in the world for the last decade. The beauty of nature, the richest of various culture, history, and the unity in diversity (multi ethnic or tribal) have become a fascination itself for people to enjoy, to learn and respect the life. Indonesia is one of the best paradise on earth and moreover some of its can not be found from another place in the world. You and with all of your belove family and friends can spend the time to fulfil your travelling and adventures hobbies here and becomes a witness of the true story that still alive until now.

The Heart of Culture and Harmony, Bali gains a reputatuion as the exotic tropical island paradise with its majestic volcanoes, spectacular terraced rice fields, golden beaches, and rich and colorful culture. Here, island-hopping becomes an art form and become the most complete place for vacation.
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The Land of The Dragons, Rinca and Komodo Islands is the best places for trekking trail on Komodo habitats, wildlife tour on Rinca Island by trekking through the islands, morning or afternoon snorkeling in between and spend an adventurous night on the boat is the best activities to enjoy at this islands. Detail Itinerary
The Lost World of The Stone Age, Papua is unique island and needs a special tour guidance to explore it. The famous activities is Baliem Valley which it will show the tribal attraction involving the all natives group living (Dani, Yali and Lani people) in the surrounding area of the giant valley. Detail Information
The Land of The Heavenly Kings, Toraja is an ethnic group base on animistic beliefs have prove there is life after death with their elaborate ceremonies. Cave graves, hanging graves, tau tau (life-size wooden affigies) on the dead and buffalo carnage every summer; its macabre but mesmerizing. Detail Itinerary
The Garden of Eden, North Sumatera is the diversity of arts and culture literally and became social scientists and culture seekers. It is treasure chest of culture and tradition waiting to be explore, with ancient graves of Batak King, unique dances and ceremonies, and beautiful arts and crafts.
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The Truly World Heritage City, Jogjakarta is renowned as a centre of lassical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. Jogja have unique Javanese court culture of Kraton Jogjakarta, and become the second most important tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali. Detail Itinerary
The Land of Ancient Ancestor, Flores has the different perception about harmony. Maumere is one of islands in the Lesser Sundas, have an art which based on upon maintaining balance between opposites: male and female, old and young, black and white, lifing and dead which it is reflected in the cult altars of Bajawa. Detail Itinerary
The Story of The Truth Island, Lombok is Bali Twenty Years Ago with fact major differences between the two islands embracing geography, climate, culture and religion. Lombok is still traditional and foreigners a novelty, and for the time being it remains a relatively quiet alternative. This island is the tranquility ever. Detail Itinerary
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The Heart of Indonesia :

Indonesia is The Emerald Equator ( Jamrud Khatulistiwa ) and as the only one country who have the strength of magic power to become the world jewelry for everyone, and ofcourse, it is should not to be exploited and spoiled but to protect and preserve for the whole life itself...for the future.

Indonesia is one of the miracles in the world beyond your imagination and across your dimension to makes you become who you really are as the truth of human being. You have to come by yourself to see and feel and becomes a witness for the beauty, elegance of the masterpiece, not just to hear from others stories or read it from any literatures, because Indonesia is not a legend story but reality. Indonesia is the country with full of love and passion to make everybody lives in happiness.

As long as a year, Indonesia has a lot of activities number at whole part of tourist destination in each characteristic and purpose. With all of demanding schedules, there are so many kind activities to offer and becomes good opportunity for everyone who want to know and see about real Indonesia more closely and intensivity.

Take your time and chances to visit and to learn and enjoy The Wonderful of Indonesia to make sure that you are a part of the miracles in the world.....because, you will never know how far you can go and how high you can fly until you are there.

Peace for Indonesia Fellowship.....!!!

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