BORNEO ORANGUTAN....Human in Another Dimension

Tanjung Puting National Park is a home for Orangutan, human in another dimension because of their attitude and the way of thinking was familiar with human. Located at South Borneo in the deepest of the jungle, Tanjung Ptuing National Park has became a favourite place for foreign tourist to see the original habitat of this red ape which there is only one species in the world and only could be found in Indonesia.

You will explore the quite and placid river on traditional boat (klotok) to visit the TANJUNG PUTING National Park where you can trekking around in searching for ORANGUTAN as well as other endemic species of Kalimantan and other exotic fauna and flora. You will also watch the ex-captive for orangutans reintroduced to their natural habitat. Many of the orangutans which have already successfully rehabilitated still come to the rehabilitation center at CAMP LEAKY station to visit the rangers and to interact with the new coming orangutans. Sometimes we can also encounter the wild orangutans during easy trekking around the Camp Leaky while is also a research center area.

In the afternoon, while boating slowly on the quite river you can take pictures of the other endemic monkeys of Kalimantan: PROBOSICIS "Pinocchio" MONKEYS, bird and other wildlife playing in the trees before they overnight along the riverside.

For overnight, we will stay on traditional wooden boat for the whole night to make the cost more effective. Overnight on boat also provides better opportunity to see crocodile, birds, monkeys and other animals in the trees at the riverside. In the morning you will be waked up by the morning dew and "the concert of tropical rain forest creatures". A healthy meals is prepared by our cooks on Indonesian cuisine. You can sleep on it or inside the boat separated with the guides and the boat crews. Clean mattresses, pillows, mosquito net and a simple toilet are available on board.

There is also a riverside lodge across the river near Tanjung Harapan. This place allows you to have a nice sleep and good wash for the whole days. The river side has a very nice surrounding with the forest background, a lot of faunas to see and observe too. You will get additional charge based on the type of the accommodation you choose in the lodge.

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Orangutan and River Safari Itinerary :

Day 1: Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Tanjung Puting National Park
Arriving Pangkalan Bun Airport picked and short drive to Kumai to board on the boat and exploring the river to tanjung Puting National Park with your guide team. In the peaceful afternoon we will slowly explore the quite river by the klotok while observe the monkeys along the riverside. Dinner and overnight on the boat or lodge.

Day 2: Orangutan Exploration
Travel up river to about 2 hours boating and then up a side creek to Camp Leaky you will have opportunity to trek into the rain forest with your expert guide and the forestry ranger to appreciate the flora as well as perhaps sighting wild orangutans, gibbons, macaques, and birds. lunch provided on boat. Afternoon visit the feeding station to see rehabilitate orangutans are given additional foods. Meals and overnight served on the boat.

Day 3: Tanjung Puting National park - Pangkalan Bun
After breakfast boating to Kumai before transfer by car to pangkalan Bun airport for your next destination.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.


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