BROMO - SEMERU....The Top Roof of Java Island

Bromo - Semeru National Park, the area in and around the park is inhabited by the Tenggerese, one of the few significant Hindu communities left on the island of Java, is a remnant from the Majapahit era. In the parts of the park which most interest visitors (the caldera and mountain tops) flora and fauna is limited by the through lush green valleys with a typical tropical forest flora. the higher elevations before the tree line ends are largely clad with casuarina (cemara) forest. This park is not renowned for bird watching as others in Java, but up on the plateau you often see hawks and eagles soaring over the valleys below.

The most of local people (Tengger tribe) are Hinduism and believe that Their Gods are stay and live in here. Once in every year, they have a tradition - Kasada Ritual - which they made ceremony at the top of the Mt. Bromo to give an oblation for the blessing and mercy in life, and this ceremonial is an obligation for them. This is the big show for you when the people in mesh fought over the packages that had been prayed by the tribe leader.

At the top of Mt. Semeru, you will see and feel the heart beat of the mountain which it becomes the spectacular moment for the mountain lover who reach the top after you through the hardest part to climb the sand slope that only found here in whole part of the world. You will feel like in another part of the earth as long as your journey to accross the beauty of landscape and sleep in the open air around the clean and cool of Ranu Kumbolo lake, it is good refreshment for your soul and mind.

Bromo - Semeru National Park has been known by the world for its beauty base on nature. this place like a magnet that will attract everyone especially mountain climber to come and testing their strength and character at this place.
They are Hinduism community who heading toward and very obedient for their beliefs. They believes that their Gods lived in the mountain as the guardian to take care and protect their lifes.
As an active volcano and the highest mountain in Java island, this mountain already became favourite for mountain climber to find peacefulness for their life. In this area, eternity becomes un-touched by human hands who was forgot for his lifes.
It is not high mountain but have strong magic power for everyone to visit this place. Sand sea and easy access to the crater even still have to climb the stairs did not hampering everyone who want to come and enjoy the beauty of this place
It is the lake at the middle of mountain and became nice place (base camp) to take a rest or spend the night in tent when you climb Mt. Semeru. Peaceful and quiet place for relaxation and right place to found the answers the mystery of life when your imagination out from your mind.
Here are the best location of view-angle to see and take a pictures for the miracle and became favourite place for photo hunter from whole of the world to scarce moment posterity with the most beautiful landscape and the magically of nature as the background.
IJEN CRATER, Have own fascinating with the giant crater spread made this location as the favourite destination. There are a lot of local people who hang up their life from here as the sulphur digger for main livelihood in making a life.
The Sand Sea Explorer
The spread of sand sea will flirt your guts and tickle your adrenalin to across it. 4WD vehicle or horses are the best choice to surfe on top sand sea just like with no limit of line.
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Bromo - Semeru Itinerary :

Day 1: Denpasar - Surabaya - Tumpang - Ranupane
The fastest way is to fly from Denpasar to Surabaya in East Java, otherwise it takes 12 hours to drive from Denpasar to Malang. On arrival at Surabaya's airport, you will be trasferred to Tumpang village, which then continue ride by jeep to Ranupane. From here, we will start trekking to Kalimati, through the tropical rain forest of Mount Semeru to Ranu Kumbolo for 3-4 hours, take break and rest for lunch times, then another trekking 3-4 hours to Kalimati Camp, way to reach the Summit of Mount Semeru. On arrival, guide team will prepare your dinner while you relax and enjoy the surrounding's view. Overnight in tent at Kalimati Camp.

Day 2: Summit Mt. Semeru - Kalimati - Ranu Kumbolo ( B,L,D )
Early morning wake up!!! We climb to the summit of Mount Semeru (3,676m). Reach the crater's rim in 2.5 hours walking, watch sunrise if arrive early. Taking photograph and some rest then descend down base camp for breakfast. Trekking back to ranu Kumbolo, where lunch and dinner will be prepared. Overnight in tent at Ranu Kumbolo Camp.

Day 3: Ranu Kumbolo - Ranupane - Bromo ( B )
After breakfast, trek back to Ranupane village via different route using Mount Ayek-ayek, takes 2-3 hours. After, jeep ride to Cemorolawang in Bromo area. Overnight at hotel in the area.

Day 4: Bromo Sunrise Trip - Surabaya - Denpasar ( B )
At 04.00 pm the 4WD will bring us to the world's most famous view point at Mt. Pananjakan (2,750m) on the rim of the Tengger caldera to enjoy the sunrise breaking over the volcano cones including Mt. Bromo and an active Mt. Semeru in the back ground. the views are breathtaking. We continue across the sand sea to the active Mt. Bromo volcano and climb the 2.245 steps to visit the crater (2,500m). The 4WD will bring us back to the lodge for breakfast. After a break, drive to surabaya's airport for your afternoon flight to Denpasar - Bali.

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