Character and Personality

Everybody was borned as themselves and have their own character and personality that will bring its during in their lifes. Both of them is very important process and influence people in social contact, career and life itself. In another words, character and personality will improve the abilities and determine the quality life of each person. Please answer the questionnaires below for self-understanding :

          1. Who are you when you feeling lonely ?
          2. What will you do in un-condusive situation and conditions ?
          3. Why do you feel happy or sad ?
          4. Where do you like to spend of your time ?
          5. How you will accept and finish your tasks and jobs ?

CHARACTER is original permanent attitudes which have controlled and supported by an effective habits and base on consciously of strong will to choose and take an actions in normatives. Character can be develop and mouldable by practicing an effective habits itself, and it is absolutely belongs to ourselves for ever the times.

PERSONALITY is natural changeable attitudes or face expression caused by the reactions of the situations and conditions occured in around. Sometimes, personality appear as character manifestation substantively, but oftentimes, it is only a mask that will always changes depend on the situation and condition itself.

It's all about mental and positive thinking to take an actions consciously and full of responsibility.

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