character building in Indonesia


" Live is not about finding yourself but how to creating yourself "

Everybody is unique with their own capabilities that will increase continuously to give a positive result for their own life. But, it will impact oppositely and stagnant when their un-stable mind set influencing learning process and their personal development. It will needs strong character to become tough person, no retreat and have capability to solve the ambiguous problem as long as goal achievement processing.

As personal, everybody have a choice to choose their attitude and take an actions in every situation and condition. The emerge reactions is a reflection for what they feel and think about the situation and condition around of them, and then, what will happen is the lost of character and personality when good expectations never becomes reality.

Be ourselves is an absolute things to achieve the top of life, but it's not easy as to said and has been forgotten oftentimes. What kind of person ( ourselves ) is the most important thing to take decision and act consciously with full of responsibility and high commitment to achieve the maximum result continuously.

And the question, is the result that has been reached from the actions by reactions will give a positive or negative impact for ourselves and others ???

During the activities, every participants will be stimulated in more self understanding, so, they will have capability to identified, maximise and manage their strength and weakness. The strong character and personality do not always described as the strong body and physically, but it is more on the capability to control and manage and take decision to act fast, precise, and useful in un-wanted of situation and conditions to achieve a goal.

This program is suitable and applicable for all range of ages which have capability in understanding the strength and the weakness to build a new form of paradigm and becomes the effective and dynamic person in whole life. The main idea is to give an experiences which involve the self emotion as the picture of the characteristic person who have strong character to achieve a goal.

The objectives for activities :
1. Personal Development
2. Change Paradigm
3. And more.

Development Area :
1. Personal Challenge for self understanding
2. Self esteem for self motivation
3. Self development and mental empowering
4. Problem solving to have a winner spirit
5. Open minded in every progression
6. And more.

" Each individual is unique and self-sufficient with
what is in his or her feelings and thoughts that realized in real action in his daily life,
.....not from what happens in the surroundings. "

- Reka Alam Indonesia -


Learning Methodology :

Training Locations :
Jatiluhur Area, Jatiluhur District
Nirmala Hill, Malasari - Bogor
Highland Camp, Puncak
Hotel, Resort, etc.

think different for character building in Indonesia
Every single water in the dam is not to against the flow and reduce the water instincts, but to extend the life of its values....Reka Alam Indonesia
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Have an idea to becomes a part of change ???

Create yourself to become a person who has desire, good faith and useful in the meaningful of life