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" Te victory as a whole man "

Humans want grandeur, nature offer adventure ....
Humans want happiness, nature offer simplicity of lives....
Because humans and nature are symbols of every desire in life ....

When humans feel life as meaningless ....
That is when nature shows its charm and majesty ....
Because nature understand what is the best things for human needs ....

Along with period development and the high of free competition, time becomes the most valuable thing and not simple like before. The high of needs increasing becomes a strong alibi to makes us do not have a quality time with family because of our time is for work and collect the material.

Nature becomes one of human attractiveness to complete the beauty of human life with all of power and inventiveness that they can be done. Nature never compel the people to take care on it, and nature never bored to give its beauty for human happiness.

Indonesia with all of its potentials has becomes the best place and destination to make a real life stories with lovely family. A mighty mountain, a colorful beach, a soothing forest, a vibrant city, a proud history of life.....all of it to be dedicated to you and your loved ones ( family ).

Family is a small world that built with emotional it possible for your family ???

Family is the last destination from every struggle in life. Enjoying the beauty of the nature with all living life inside will becomes an extra-ordinary experience for family. Sharing of fun, pride and togetherness is the most effective way to form a harmony and happy family.

Have an adventure with family will be the best turning point and momentum to spend quality time with family. This is the right time for you to improve the emotional connection in your family when the time becomes invalueable in your life. this activity will open your eyes and insting to know in order to understand who and what is your family in real life and to pursuit of the expectations that have been planned for the future.

Because family is the best treasure and investment for the future of your life.
Because family is your last place to get true happiness in the journey of your life.

There is a lot of activities to choose and take an actions together in unusual daily activities to create the most of unforgettable moment in life. The choice is yours, but the most important thing is what is the right activity to give a new paradigm about how to see and feel and take an action directly in every detail process, so it will give a hard impact and becomes valuable knowledge in self perception, family and the others.

We provides various family adventours programs in un-usual daily activities but safely and safety for all range of ages. This program aimed to all families who want to provide experiences with the different ways to build unity and harmonious relationship within a family. This program is the best ways to give a valuable experiences and unforgettable, especially for the growth and development of children.

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The time will never stop
but true story in the process of life will remain immutable......

-- Reka Alam Indonesia --

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We can modify and customize for where and how your trip in Indonesia base on your desire.

Have an idea to make your family happy ???

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