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" Happy life in simplicity "

Green nature is the green of life ....
The natural song is a melodious rhythm in life ....
Because nature never deceive to learn the meaning of life ....

My green nature is my green family ....
Laugh and jokes of my family is my inspiration ....
Because my family is the sources of strength in my life ....

Nature provide and give all what it has for human and creatures living in it to survive. It makes nature as the source of life and all unlimited knowledge over time that goes by. Nature never requires human beings, but humans who need and depend on it to grow and develop themselves throughout the ages. In other word, nature is still needed for evryone who want to learn about life itself in the future.

As a living being that is very dependant on nature, human has an obligation to keep and care for it as reciprocity for various things that they had been taken. Nevertheless, nature never asks for it and only allows when a living being (human) treats it arbitrarily. Because nature knows that all the consequences and risks will always exist for the life in it.

Being green family means has desire and hope for very long life in the for future !!!

Nature never stops to give a lesson that is wrapped in the beauty and mystery of its. Nature always gives its best potential to be enjoyed by human being in building their lives into a real human being. And in fact, nature is never tired of loving people without speaking too much.

Green Adventures offer a different experiences to learn in recreation. Your family will see how is a life built in simplicity and limited concept, where both of it becomes strength and reason to keep moving, growing up and develop themselves to achieve goals....the harmony of life.

In Addition to the beauty of nature, you and your family will be invited to see the natural rural life by relying on nature as the source of life. You and family will feel how the community continues to create and work with the limitations and capabilities of it without ever complaining and surrender to the circumstances. You and family will be witnesses that nature and people can support each other to ensure life. You and family will learn how to live in harmony that blends with nature. And Finally, you and family will understand what the meaning of happiness in simplicity is.

Every single step is a lesson that will be useful for next step ( future ). When you give the experience to see another side of the world for your family, it will help them to form family culture base on their experiences and the way of their life. Every memories will have an influence in mindset and as the basic of mental development and personality in the journey of life.

There is a lot of activities to choose and take an actions together in unusual daily activities to create the most of unforgettable moment in life. The choice is yours, but the most important thing is what is the right activity to give a new paradigm about how to see and feel and take an action directly in every detail process, so it will give a hard impact and becomes valuable knowledge in self perception, family and the others.

We provides various family adventours programs in un-usual daily activities but safely and safety for all range of ages. This program aimed to all families who want to provide experiences with the different ways to build unity and harmonious relationship within a family. This program is the best ways to give a valuable experiences and unforgettable, especially for the growth and development of children.

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There are so many people understand the meaning of happiness
but only a handful of people understand the meaning behind simplicity

-- Reka Alam Indonesia --

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