FLORES ISLAND....The Land of Ancient Ancestors

Located east of Bali, could be reached by 2 hours flight, where you will be landed at Maumere, and start your adventure in this one of the most beautiful islands in the Lesser Sundas. Mountainous, with steep-sided valleys cut through by fast-flowing rivers, dense forest and open savanna landscapes. Much of the art of the Lesser Sundas is based upon maintaining balance between opposites: between male and female, old and young, living and dead, white and black. This concern of harmony is reflected in the cult altars of Bajawa where ngadhu represent the male ancestors of the clan, and bhaga the female ancestors.

Larantuka is the small island situated at the tip of Flores islands becomes the one of famous island for one in every year, which a lot of Christian come to make a ceremony and prays for a Christmas. The most of Flores people is loyal and true Christian religion. They have their own way to make their beliefs ceremonial base on the story by the ancestors. On that ground, people mention Larantuka island with The Little Vatican.

flores island land of ancestor
The Land of Ancient Ancestors, Flores people are Christian generally, but, especially local people who lived in traditional village is still heading toward for their old beliefs with doing some of ritual ceremony mingle with Chisrtianty for God's mercy and their ancestor as the life guardian.
kelimutu lake flores indonesia
KELIMUTU LAKE, here is a mysteriuous place with its three lakes constantly changing color, and uniquely, this changing color can't be predicted by scientist until now. Local people believes that this mountain as a place where the spirit of dead people taking arest here. You may enjoy the spectacular sunrise from here.
cult altar flores indonesia
This is dramatic scenery can be found in the traditional villages, at here, local people made some of ceremonial to practise an animistic beliefs (mingled with Christianity) as the happily day for the God's mercy in their lifes.
lingko fields indonesia
pink beach indonesia
Pink Beach,
There are only 7 country in the world who have the "pink beach", and one of them is here. Located at the behind of the hill, this beach is one of the most fascinating place in Komodo Islands. You may swim, relaxation and snorkling or other beach activities as usually.
larantuka island
is a holy city for local people which once in a year will be the big day, Christmas. The most of local people will gather together with beloved family to pray and do some of ceremonial tradition for a better life and future.
batu cermin cave labuan bajo
Batu Cermin Cave,
Located at Labuan Bajo region about 4 km from central city, this cave is one of favourite destination in here. The sun light entering the cave and bounced back by the cave wall that gave the effect as the reflection of the small light and spread to others angle in the cave just like a mirror.
wae rebo traditional village
Wae Rebo Village, East Sumba
A cloistered village in Manggarai district - East Sumba is more familiar now, and ironically, this village has been known before Indonesia itself. For local people descriptive, Wae Rebo became the world famous place first, and then Indonesia.
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Flores Island Itinerary :

Day 1-3: Denpasar - Maumere - Moni - Ende
A transfer to the airport in Bali for your flight to Maumere. Stay overnight, where the second day is reserved for a beautiful tour through the mountains of Flores. The village of Sikka, offers local "ikat" motifs decorated, Portuguese church from 1899, beautiful white sandy beach, names paga, then Wolowaru a place for organic cashew nut at the eastern part of Flores. An early start to Kelimutu volcano; you might have a chance to see a spectacular sunrise. It is a mysterious place with its three lakes constantly changing color. Moni is our next destination, the walk goes downhill and you will walk through the different traditional weaving villages of Flores. After, Lio village Wologai is one of the few villages in the Ende district with well-maintained houses built in the traditional architectural style.

Day 4-6: Ende - Bajawa - Ruteng- Labuan Bajo
You drive through a beautiful valley towards Bajawa. On the way stop by at an astonishing view over the coral islands. Next is Soa, a village famous for its natural thermal springs. Late afternoon arrive in Bajawa, a little town, situated about 1200m above the sea level. There are numerous traditional villages around, it's like the place is forgotten by time. The hilly landscape, dotted by bamboo-forest, offers some stunning viewpoints over the south coast. Learn about the habits and customs of the Ngada people. The route from Bajawa to Ruteng promises a beautiful ride on Flores. On the way to Ruteng, You will certainly the impressive Lingko fields of Flores.

Day 7-9: Komodo - Denpasar
The last 3 days is reserved for your trip to the island of the Komodo Dragon: Rinca and Komodo Islands. The trip will lead you to a complete experience of trekking trail on Komodo lizard habitats at Komodo Islands, and wildlife tour on Rinca Island by trekking through the island with morning or afternoon snorkeling in between. Flight back to bali, then transfer to your hotel will be the end of your magnificent trip at the land of ancient ancestors.

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Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.

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