KOMODO ISLAND....The Land of the Dragons

The islands of the Komodo Dragons: Rinca and Komodo Islands are part of the complex of 175 islands, situated about 1 hour 40 minutes flight from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Island, to Labuan Bajo, a port town at the western tip of Flores. The city is not only as a place for catching the boat to Rinca and Komodo Islands, but its stretch along nice beach for offshore snorkeling with good accommodation, excellent restaurant, interesting local market and offers good views over the bay at sunset. There are several options for you to explore Rinca and Komodo Islands, where you may just visit it in a full day excursion, or spend an adventurous night on the boat.

Komodo Diving & Liveaboard
The water of Komodo is very ideal place for many kind of sea activities. A lot of visitors enjoy very much the underwater side of Komodo. It's just like the missing paradise for the underwater world lover with so many excellent dive spots. In the sea is vibrant color and exotic life will enchant divers and snorkelers alike as endless schools of fish ride the water ways rushing up from deep sea vents, below them the seabed is covered with a thick carpet of florescent corals and marine invertebrates - an underwater photographer's paradise.

The corals in Komodo National Park are pristine, with mantas, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dugong, many pelagic, to the tiny pygmy seahorses, nudibranch, frog fish, you name it we've got it. The sites vary from gentle easy coral slopes to heart pounding adrenalin rides, from the warm waters on Flores sea in the north to the chiller water down south in the Indian ocean, the underwater terrain is so varied with sheer cliff walls, pinnacles, sandy flat bottoms, underwater plateaus, slopes, caves, swimthroughs, channels, all with varying colors, sizes and types of coral both hard and soft.

island of the dragon komodo indonesia
The Land of The Dragons, Rinca and Komodo Islands is the best places for trekking trail on Komodo habitats, wildlife tour on Rinca Island by trekking through the islands, morning or afternoon snorkeling in between and spend an adventurous night on the boat is the best activities to enjoy at this islands.
dragons komodo indonesia
The Dragons, Komodo is the only one giant lizards in the world with 136 kg weight and 3 meter lenght and only found in here. This is the prehistoric and predator animal that still alive until now and becomes the one's of world heritage. It's saliva on teeths is the main weapon contain with 50 dangerous poison to hunt the prowl.
rinca island komodo treking
Rinca Island Trekking,
komodo habitat indonesia
Komodo Habitat,
diving komodo island indonesia
DIVING, its amazing underwater
Komodo Marine National Park located range in the heart of coral triangle and has more than of 1000 fish species, 385 coral reefs, 105 species of crabs, 70 sponges species, 10 species of dolphins, 6 species sharks, green turtle and hawksbill, dugong, and Manta rayfish.
liveonboard komodo island indonesia
LIVEABOARD, waterworld
The water of Komodo is very ideal place for many kind of sea activities with a lot of excellent dive spots. It's just like the missing paradise for underwater world lover and live aboard the ship is the best choice for everybody who want to explore Komodo Islands.
batu cermin cave labuan bajo indonesia
Batu Cermin Cave,
Located at Labuan Bajo region about 4 km from central city, this cave is one of favourite destination in here. The sun light entering the cave and bounced back by the cave wall that gave the effect as the reflection of the small light and spread to others angle in the cave just like a mirror.
bajawa flores indonesia
Bajawa, the old history land
It is something much more unique. In the area surrounding Bajawa are green valleys, forests and towering volcanoes and within this dramatic scenery can be found the traditional villages of the Nago and Wogo people who continue to practise animistic beliefs (mingled with Christianity)
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Komodo Dragons Itinerary :

Our most recommended trip is 3 Days 2 Nights, as this will lead you to a complete experience of trekking trail on Komodo lizard habitats at Komodo Islands, and wildlife tour on Rinca Island by trekking through the island with morning or afternoon snorkeling in between.

Day 1: Denpasar - Labuan Bajo - Rinca ( L,D )
Morning pick-up service at your hotel in South Bali for transfer to airport. The morning flight will then take you to Labuan Bajo. Upon arrival, meeting service and transfer to local restaurant for lunch. Proceed to harbor to get on-board a local boat to Rinca Island. Afternoon short trek in Rinca to trace the dragons and wildlife is the main program of the day. Sail to Kalong Island, stay overnight on-board the boat. Dinner will be served by the boat crew.

Day 2: Komodo - Labuan Bajo ( B,L )
Early in the morning set sail to Komodo Islands passing narrow straits with strong currents. Arrive in Komodo follow the trail to reach Banunggulung the former feeding ground to watch the Komodo Dragons. It is about two km one way walking. There is Komodo Nature Park Museum, take your chance to have a look. About mid day return to Labuan Bajo, en route stop at Pantai Merah - the pink colored sand beach - with beautiful coral garden, good for swimming and snorkeling. Lunch on board. On arrival, transfer to hotel of your choice.

Day 3: Labuan Bajo - Denpasar ( B )
Morning free program. En route to the airport take a short visit Batu Cermin - the cave with stalactite and stalagmites. Flight to Denpasar, Bali, where on arrival, the transport will take you to your hotel in South Bali.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.

For your convenient, we provide as well accommodation on Bali for your pre and post Komodo Dragons trip, air ticket Denpasar - Labuan Bajo - Denpasar, airport transfer for your international arrival and departure, as well as tours around Bali.


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