KOROWAI - KOMBAI TRIBEsS....The People of The Sky

Forest area about 150 kilometres from arafura sea south of mountains jaya wijaya Papua there is wide area of lowland. This area accomodates a myriad of rivers forming swamps, wetlands and mangrove forest. The hidden location (alianated) that becomes the habitat of the Korowai and Kombai tribes. Until about 1975, Korowai and Kombai tribes had almost no contact with the ouside world. They only know amongst themselves and believe that they are the only people on earth.

Korowai and Kombai tribes are different ethnic groups, each with their own language, but they do to manage and also share similar cultural practices. They are hunter-gatherers who have survival skills. They are skilled at hunting, people hunting prey including cassowaries and wild pigs. The tribe still practices the trading of objects such as jewelry and knife bones, and may have been introduced to metals and clothing ideas when the missionaries first arrived. tools such as sharp bamboo are used for slicing meat, shells to hold water, and hot water in the rocks where cooking is. these two tribes live and live in tree houses as high as 15 to 50 metres in order to protect them from floods, wild animals on the ground, and protect from the enemy because of the war between tribes.

If visiting the tree house of Korowai and Kombai tribes, then you have to trace the forest that is still very natural and never destroyed by human hands, and this is what the parents of Korowai and Kombai tribes teach to his children to always maintain the sustainability and authenticity of the forest where they lives. Along the way you will find animals that you have never seen before, such as the papyrus or parrot papua, the forest insects, the forest butterflies and even the birds of paradise that roam freely in the forest. The trees are large and have tenshi tens of meters, the sun and the cool air will make your treking very challenging.

STONES AGE, The Korowai and Kombai tribes are one of the Irian tribes who do not wear Koteka. These tribesman thrust their penis into a scrotum and at the end they are tightly bandaged with a kind of leaf. While women only wear short skirts made of sago leaves.
TREE HOUSE, When you are up and already in a tree house, the green forest ocean and blue of the cloud will make you want to stay longer inside. From a height of tens of metres above the ground, you can see clearly the forest of Papua as part of the lungs of Indonesia
The Korowai people live in 50-metre tree houses as an officially recognized community of ‘tree-dwellers’. The Korowai people are some of the most skilled architects in regards to the use of their own environment.
TRADITIONAL CEREMONY, Sago dinner parties are the ultimate ritual ceremonies for their new world and relationship with God or spirits and salvation of the inhabitants of their group, where everyone will dress and present their best dances.
Korowai and Kombai tribes always move from one place to another to get closer to food sources and hunting animals provided by nature. Both hunt and move together and build a new tree house once every 3 years.
SYSTEM OF LIFE, Korowai tribes are still largely independent, they produce stone axes, make salt and other stout. Since 1990, Korowai has been involved in the forestry projects of foreign companies. They are employed as tour guides and boat drivers.
Following tradition, the family of the person who was killed always gets to keep the head.
One wonders just how long we will be able to see these astonishing people, able to accomplish so much despite so little outside contact, and their incredible wooden palaces.
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Cannibalism is also common in the history of the Korowai and Kombai tribes. For Kombai tribe, this is one form of tribal punishment, only to the person who identified as a shaman, killed and eaten by the community as an offering for the soul eaten by the defendant. Cannibalism is important in the unseen world, similar to beliefs for the Korowai tribe and may also have been done as part of their criminal justice system. it seems thath the tree is not believed in the realms of death, but the death caused by magic - also believed to be the cause of war between tribes.

To build a house, they choose a big and sturdy tree as the main pillar. the floors are made of branches. Sago bark is used to make walls. The roof is made of forest leaves. To string the house, selected strong rattan rope. To reach the house, arranged a long staircase downward. Before occupying the house, they will perform the night ritual to cast out evil spirits.

the social life of Korowai and Kombai tribes is very obedient to local law. they know sago party. this ritual is done for every birth, marriage and death. At such moment, social goods such as pigs, dog's teeth and shell will be presented to group thath organize the ritual. The receiving group is obliged to retaliate at the next party. In the family, parents teach children all the rules and things that are considered taboo. A young girl will be actively involved in all roles when considered to be old enough. After marrieage, the girl is considered a mature woman. Meanwhile, boys learn about how to hunt and make homes since they are 15 years old. During this period, the boys were taught also special knowledge, the origin of life and the way of survival.

Living in a small village or sttlement made by the government is relatively new phenomenon among the Korowai and Kombai tribes. they buildt a house divided into two or three rectangular roms with a fire place in each room. Men and women live separately. In 1992, when Yaniruma village was inaugurated by the government of Boven Digoel, the documentary film maker team wa able to visit Korowai tribe in their environment and settlement.

In this village, you can join in the daily activities of local people such as collecting food / sago, catching fish, huntuing or trapping animals such as pigs or birds, or sometimes observing people who are building the tree house.

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