NORTH SUMATERA....The Garden of Eden

The heart of West Indonesia with highly of enchantment and very strong obedient for ancient mores is here. Batak tribe is the name of the North Sumatera people with the long history since several decades ago. They are very heading towards for their King tradition by called each of family with their own Family Name (Marga) and of each of them have a special tradition and relationship for generations.

The diversity of art and cultures literally make North Sumatera a Garden of Eden for social scientist and culture seekers. It is a treasure chest of culture and tradition waiting to be explored, with ancient graves of Batak Kings, unique dances and ceremonies, and beautiful arts and craft.

The Province proudly boats of its Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in the Mt. Leuser National Park which is bordered by the fast flowing Bohorok River and some delightful countryside and of course Lake Toba.

The Rehabilitation Centre was set up to help orphaned orangutans that had been displaced because of land clearing or rescued from captivity, and teaching them the necessary skills to be able to survive in the wild. Visitor have an opportunity to view the apes twice daily when they come swingingn through the trees to collect the bananas and milk left on feeding plattforms in the forest, providing visitors with one of the more memorable experiences in Indonesia.

Parapat - Lake Toba, Parapat is a small town on the edge of Lake Toba. In Parapat live Batak Toba and Batak Simalungun tribes. They are known for their lively and sentimental love songs. Recreational sports in Parapat are among water activities. The climate in Parapat is cool and dry, making Parapat an ideal place to relax.
island in the middle of lake indonesia
Samosir Island, is a unique volcanic island in the middle of the Lake Toba with 1000m above the sea level. Here, you may found the foggy mountain range, clear water of waterfall to swim, white sand beach and the famers. In the middle of the Samosir Island, there are another beautiful of 2 lakes : Sidihoni Lake and Aek Natonang Lake.
Brastagi, a tourist town is another lovely town located in the Karo Highlands. The town is known for its plantations and various kinds of flower, vegetables and fruit, most famous of which is the "marqisa" passion fruit.
It's 66 km South West of Medan and is 4,594 feet above the sea level.
safari elephant indonesia
Elephant Safari, Experience riding Sumatera Elephant for about one hour to accross the river and jungle righteously a patrol officer is one of the favourite recreational offer at north Sumatera, and becomes another incredible story when you are here.
orangutan sumatera
Sumatera Orangutan,
batak house
The Batak House,
The Art and Culture of Batak,
Tor Tor is famous ballet for Batak and almost all of clan using this art in every ceremonial.
sipiso piso waterfall indonesia
Sipiso-piso Waterfall,
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North Sumatera Itinerary :

Day 1: Medan - Tangkahan
From Medan ariport, drive about 4-5 hours to Tangkahan. After check in at local lodge, you will trek through the patrolling zone of the park or just enjoy the crystal clear water and waterfall. Observe the nature wealth of this place. Back to the lodge in the afternoon.

Day 2: Tangkahan - Elephant Safari
Experience riding Sumatera Elephant for about one hour and jungle (except on Monday & Thursday, as they are used for patrolling). Then, tubing down the river, walk through palm oil plantation and local village to get the ride by motor cycle or car. You will get young coconut fruits before transferring to your local lodge.

Day 3: Tangkahan - Bukit Lawang by Jeep
Leave Tangkahan for Bukit Lawang by jeep passing plantation and jungle road, enjoy the panorama and witness the activities of the local people will give you more experience on your trip.

Day 4: Bukit Lawang Easy Trekking - Medan - Brastagi
Walking through the bank of the river, crossing the river by traditional canoe then walking up the jungle to see the Orangutan. After feeding the orangutan, trekking through the Leuser National Park. We will pass through dense jungle, ravines, and river. If we are lucky, we will encounter the park faunas such as the gibbon and the wild Orangutan as well as wild orchid. The trekking today will be about 4 hours. Back to the lodge, then drive back for another 4 hours to Brastagi, a midsize and cool town on the highland of Karo. This town is surrounded by towering mountains, and small Karonese village where the local grows fruits and vegetables. Before we arrive at Brastagi, stop at Peceren village to observe the traditional Karo Batak houses, visiting local market at Brastagi where local sell and buy fruits, flower, and vegetables which are plenty on the vicinity of the town.

Day 5: Brastagi - Parapat - Lake Toba
Heading to Parapat, about 6 hours drive, stopping by at Tongging to see Sipiso-piso waterfall (360 feet height). Another stop at Rumah Bolon of Simalungun Batak. Arriving Parapat early in the afternoon, then cross to Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba for half an hour by boat.

Day 6: Samosir Island Tour
Have an excursion on Lake Toba by car or ferry boat and visiting several Batak Toba traditional villages. Tomok (to see the old tomb of Sidabutar Kings), Ambarita (the stone chair and table the excution place of Sialagan Kings), Simanindo (Batak Toba traditional dance named "Tor-Tor") and museum.

Day 7: Samosir - Medan Airport
Cruising back to Parapat and directly drive to Medan airport.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.


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