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" Leadership is about how to lead as same as how to serve the team "

Everybody is a leader for themselves or team in any situation and condition. Developing the partial leadership that rely on a single quality -- head ( intelligence ) or heart ( feeling ) or guts ( courage ) -- maybe will have an effetive result in the normal condition, but, when you are in the situation with full of moral complexities and the changes of attitude, social politic condition, and economic and technology condition, then, everybody should maximize their abilities as same as with the situation demand.

You will see what people could made when they have been treated ingenuously as human being to take an action in happiness and achieve a goal. They needs to be trusted to show up and gave the chances to proved the best thing they can do as a personal or team. They know for what they want and realize what suppose to do to make their dream come true.

The big question is why people failed ???

The failure of goal achievement caused by a lot of factors. But, in generally context, the failures was caused by "human error" factor, in this case, leadership factors as invidual or team. So, it is clearly that leadership is the main idea and determining factor of success in every part of life. It takes a leader who has a balance between the head, heart and guts to build team work that have high efectivity and productivity to achieve goals.

In all aspects of life, leadersip becomes a serious challenge, urgent and absolute to be increased in goal achievement effort. A leader should be close with the team that they lead and playing ( working ) with them to give an appreciation for team achievement or failure that has been reached, and ultimately determine the attitude in making decisions and policies objectively.

This program is very suitable and applicable for all range of ages as form of base-foundation to becomes competent person, more flexible, have an emphaty, responsibility and accoutability, consitently, capable to manage the opportunity and risk, reliable along with the capable to whole-part of thinking, have an character and positive mental in every effort for advancement and goal collective.

The effectiveness of the team depends on the leader effectiveness in terms of :
1. See the strengths and opportunities for group achievement
2. Organizing and empowering each member of the group
3. It takes courage to make changes appropriate to the circumstances
4. A positive influence in addressing the opportunities and expectations
5. Keep the harmony and dynamic of the group
6. And more.

Development Area :
1. Personal Challenge for self understanding
2. Strategic thinking to make a strategic decision
3. Strategic planning for goal achievement
4. Take an actions in goal orientation
5. To catch the energy and release the team potential
6. Build a positive environment and develop a positive work attitude
7. And more.


Learning Methodology :

Training Locations :
Jatiluhur Area, Jatiluhur District
Nirmala Hill, Malasari - Bogor
Highland Camp, Puncak
Hotel, Resort, etc.

leadership training program in Indonesia
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