malasari village


" Learn from nature to find life Itself "

Someday, you might be feel so lonely ....
Someday, you might be feel as nothing ....
Someday, you might be lost of everything ....
But someday, you will be strong by your understanding ....
And after all, you will have your own perception about happy living ....

As generally, oftenly, metropolitan societies have a perception that happiness measured by the number of material. This case has been made as an absolute condition for everybody who want to have a happy life beacuse of their needs and desirability as well as completely.

In several case before, those perception becomes a bonding effect and framing their mindset which inversely proportional with the realities. In facts, the people who lived in metropolitan city fall in to their own mind set which formed by environment and their habits to fulfil their needs for life. Most of them got a highly stress level because the expected of life was never happen. Ironically, they have lost of instinc and life grandeur as the ambitious effect confined to the materially.

Money and property are important, but it is not the only one to guarantee the happiness itself .....

Happiness does not appear with the luxury and to have of everything. Happy life is not assessed on the matter indefinitely. Understanding the meaning of life that exists around it and go through the life with a sincere heart to keep moving will provide the answer for the meaning of happiness. The true happiness is how to live with the meaningful of life, not only in how to fulfil the needs. The happy life will be yours when the balance of needs and peacefulness as one combination in the meaning of life itself.

Join with the universe and live together with it becomes the best time to know who we really are, what we really are and what should we do in the journey of life. This experience will give us a new perspective in understanding the basics of life and how we should live for our lives in the real world.

The following are some of our recommended places to Live and Feel the Simplicity :
1. Malasari Tourist Village, Bogor - West Java
2. Kampung Naga, Tasikmalaya - West Java
3. Wae Rebo the Village on the Cloud, East Sumba
4. Penglipuran Village, Bangli - Bali
5. And more.

There are so many activities as learning points in these places, ranging from the harmonious of social life between citizens, the cultural life that upholds noble values of humanity, Eco-Cultural of the craft, the dynamically of livelihood as source of life and thinking patterns of simplicity but surely in life, and another activities that would be good recomendation to learn what is the meaning of life.

" Happiness is the balance of satisfaction needs and peace of mind even in restrictiveness "
-- Reka Alam Indonesia --

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