LOMBOK and GILI ISLAND....The Story of The Truth

Here...is about you and only yourself was left ....
Here...even somebody beside on you, it's still about yourself ....
Here...you will found yourself in the deepenest of your soul and mind ....
Here...you may say nothing to everyone but who and what and for whom you really are ....
And after all...you will have the power of love and willingness to give happiness for the lifes itself ....

The circular island of Lombok is only slight smaller than its more illustrious neighbor Bali. However, although there has been a tendency to view Lombok as "Bali twenty years ago", there are in fact major differences between the two islands embracing geography, climate, culture and religion. Although there are a number of first class hotels along the beaches, away from these touris areas, Lombok is still traditional and foreigners a novelty, and for the time being it remains a relatively quiet alternative. So...what Lombok does have to offer is a unique culture, a beautiful landscape, the magnificent Mt. Rinjani, peaceful Gili Island and tranquility.

The Land of The Truth, Mt. Rinjani
For local people, everybody who climb this mountain and come back in safely, its meant they are a good person. This land is the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia because of its beauty. "Segara Anak", the lake with a volcano in the middle at the top is another magnificent story for this mountain.
The Peacemaker, Senggigi Beach
It is marvelous and quiet beach even very famous for tourist destination. The beach with amazing underwater sightseeing is the best offered here. You may take your snorkel equipment to hunt the beauty of coral reefs, moreover, there is some of corals mounted from the sea.
Sasak Villages, The Sasak people are the first of those tribes. The thatched-roof houses were beautifully lined with an adobe stucco of mud and cow manure. That may sound gross, but experienced travelers know that magic adobe mixture is used the world over to create stunningly smooth molded floors, walls, platforms and benches.
The Moyo Island, is one of the best worthed places in Lombok to visit. Here, especially for couple, you will get a different concept in holiday with no luxurious building, but you will join with the earth in the 5 star of tent facilitation with ocean and adventure as the best combination to spend your lovely days with beloved ones.
Liang Petang Cave,
It will give the sensation and experience of its own. You will pass through a narrow hole that is an initial challenge to be caving. The cave is not only save the beauty, but also save some of the mysteries of considerable interest to the visitors, and have a long history for propagator of moslem in the region.
Dalam Loka Taman Maruya,
It is building history for Sumbawan society where ex of Sumbawa Palace complex belongs here for several centuries ago, which, Lombok Island have a big empire who lead and control the society as well as for the prosperities.
Gili Nanggu Resort,
This is a quite enough resort to spend the crowded days. Inspired by Sasak house, here, you will have an extraordinary holiday for your ever last time.
The Relationship, horse is like a family and have a special place and treatment for local community, so, it won't be suprised if you have an offer to ride the horses and take around for a couple hours to find the extraordinary sightseeing at each angles of the island. It is the best choice if you want to have a perfect trip on your holiday.
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Lombok and Gili Island Itinerary :

Day 1-4: The Bali Roundtrip Program
On your arrival at Bali's airport, you will directly start with a marvelous roundtrip of Bali Island. A night in Ubud is supported by visiting Bali Bird Park, Celuk silverworks, Mas woodcarvings, rice terraces and handcraft area, until Sebatu holy-springs temple. The way to Lovina on the north-coast Bali offers the famous Balinese rice belt around Jatiluqih with a stop at Mengwi Royal Temple from 1634. Bedugul with its serene lake of Bratan with Uludanu temple is in the program as well. Your day from Lovina to Candidasa will be made through Kintamani for the magnificent view of Mt. Batur with Lake Batur, shimmers like a sheet of blue glass. Klungkung for the hall of justice of Kertagosa, then visit Besakih temple, almost 1,000 m above the sea level with 30 temples on 7 levels of terraces in the mountainside.

Day 4-6: The Gili Island
The fast boat brings you to the neighboring island of Gili, just north part of Lombok. The islands are very relaxed and laid-back, with countless little beachside cafes, restaurants and bars serving a variety of tastes in local and international cuisine. Best of all, there are no cars or motorbikes to disturb the peace.

Day 6-10: The Lombok Island
Move on to the main island of Lombok, where you will be accommodated at famous Senggigi Beach or at your preferred area. Interesting sightseeing to Sasak villages with its traditional hyperbolic-shaped thatched huts can be arranged, or for active people, there is an opportunity to have a trip to the magnificent volcano Mt. Rinjani, which is dominated the island, rises to 3,726m, making it as the highest peak in Indonesia, with its Segara Anak Lake, a volcano in the middle gives you wonderful life time memory. Fishing in the lake or bathing in hot spring water is the main activity.

Itinerary can be modified according to your needs.
Pre accommodation on Bali before the roundtrip can be organized, air ticket Mataram - Denpasar can be booked if you intend to return to Bali after Lombok, as well as post trip accommodation on Bali with departure airport transfer.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.


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