MENTAWAI TRIBE....Live deep in the Jungle

Mentawai is an archipelago found off the west coast of Sumatra (Indonesia) consisting of approximately 70 islands and islets. The four main islands are North and South Pagai, Sipora, and Siberut; with Siberut – spanning 4,480 square kilometres and with a population of approximately 29,918 of which 90% are of indigenous Mentawai origin, the other 10% are considered to consist of Minangkabau, Javanese, and Batak (Bastide, 2008) – being the largest of the four.

This is the hidden life at West of Indonesia, Mentawai Tribe is one of the world's most fascinating authentic cultures who live deep in the jungle of Siberut Island, located some 130 km to the west of the west coast of central Sumatera. The intriguing world of the Mentawai people is characterize by their heavy spirituality, body art and their tendency to sharpen their teeth, a practice they feel makes one beautiful.

The people of Mentawai are skilled craftsmen, boat builder, excellent hunters, but they are not good farmers. Men wear loincloth made from the skin of bread fruit tree, while women wear traditional skirts from palm leaves. Both males and females are characterized by the unique tattoos as well as their handmate decorative necklaces.

They still follow age-old customs and live in clans of around 25 people in a long-house called an "uma". The only traditional diet is sago. They also hunt, fish and love to delicious larvae. The medicine men have an important place in their society. They are in contact with the spirits of the dead and have great knowledge of medicinal plants to heal people.

Please bear in mind that you'll be visiting the real world on the Mentawai people. There are no additional services for guests and you will live amongst them - as they do. You'll live, eat and sleep as they do. Guests are advised to bring additionally: rain coat, boots, mosquito net, toilet paper and lightweight travel mattress.

The Live Deep in the Jungle,
They lived in happiness from far of expancement and crowded of the world. They seems enjoy to live of their life with no good facilitations. They lives as if there is no other life outside their environment even some people from civilization coming to their environment to see and learn from them.
UMA The Long House,
The big house to share everything and large enough to accommodate thirty to forty residents at any one time, and also happens to be situated in a rather remote jungle location, took the two of them approximately three months to erect… all without the assistance of machinery.
Mentawai Body Art,
Almost every man have tattoo on their body and all looks similar style each others, perhaps, this is some of obligation for man to have a tattoo when they reach mature, especially to show from which clan with their tattoo characteristic.
Mentawai beliefs,
Whilst obeying cultural taboo is, of course, first and foremost in achieving this – including the requisite of them sharing all food equally, it’s also required that, after a lengthy ritual justifying the need and importance for doing so, pig and/or chicken be sacrificed during ceremony.
The Mentawai Sikerei (shaman),
Similar to those from many other Indigenous cultures, will mimic the behaviours of native animals and communicate stories through their ritual dances - 'muturut'
Mentawai Ceremonial, presented approximately three or so months after a death, as way of tradition, Sikerei (Shaman), who – among other things – possess an ability to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors, the land (sanitu sibara ka leleu), the sky (manua), the ocean/rivers (koat), and all things natural within.
Mentawai Celebration,
Finally, after three or four days of ceremonial ritual, the spirit is then released from the Uma and, together with the other spirits, able to move on to its place in the forest, sky, etc. An event that also concludes the grieving (termed ‘crying’) period.
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Mentawai Tribe Itinerary :

Day 1: Padang - Muara Siberut
You will picked up from the airport. Boarding at Muara/Bungus Harbor at 06.00 pm and overnight on board.

Day 2-4: Muara Siberut - The Native's Village
Early in the morning arriving in Muara Siberut, taking motorized canoe to Rorogot or Madobak, it depend on the water in the river, walking to Sakaleo or to Bat Nusa about 3,5 hours. You will exploring their daily activities such as: hunting, fishing, making sago powder. When you are lucky, you have to chance to see the traditional dances of Mentawai during the Ceremonies in the evening. Overnight at Native's house.

Day 5: Bat Elemoi - Muara Siberut
Half day exploring the native's activities before leaving to Muara Siberut such as: see how they make Loinclothes from the Bark of tree, Making Tattoos, Bow and Poison Arrow, etc. Depart to Padang in the evening.

Day 6: Arriving in Padang
Early in the morning arriving in Padang, transfer to hotel or airport for your next destination.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.


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