KAMPUNG NAGA....Belajar dari Kearifan Leluhur

It is one of custom and traditional kampong in Indonesia, located at Neglasari village district, Selawu - Tasikmalaya, West Java. There are a quiet and harmoniously ambience, because of the local people still keep and conserve their local mores from their ancestors legacy. So, it is the right place to relax and set a mind and heart at rest with clear and freshen air.

In Kampong Naga, you will see and know the communities of people who still keep and hold tightly for their ancestor tradition, Sunda Tradition. If you know about Badui communities, Kampong Naga also became antrophology study where you can learn how Sunda communities have transition experience from Hinduism influence to Islam.

There are no history note about when and who is the founding father of this village, and it is because of the local people's archives of Kampung Naga was burning out when scorched earth policy in 1956. But there are some of people said that Kampung Naga began when Singaparna - one of Sunan Gunung Jati servant - have service to as duty to overspread Islam to the West area, and decide to stay and live in Neglasari villlage that became Kampung Naga at the present.

The local people of Kampung Naga mention Singaparna with Eyang Galunggung or Sembah Dalem Singaparna. They believes that Eyang Galunggung is their ancestor who was die with no track. So, please do not surprising if there are a grave which it is Eyang Galunggung resting place for local people belief, visitor may to find and see it in the sacred jungle at west side of Kampong.

KAMPUNG NAGA, is one of the traditional Kampongs that still uploads their ancient traditions very deep and goes by the law set by their ancestors. They believe that breaking sacred traditions will create imbalance between human and nature that will invoke the wrath of God and their ancestor.
The Best Wisdom
You won't be a real human being when you never try to understanding the universe where do you live in. Be their part by taking a good care and responsibility to the nature conservations.
Hari Larangan Bulan (Palintangan)
Kampong Naga communities are very submissive and believe with their ancestor culture and mention that therea are a several days in a month considered as the bad day to make any activities. Pamali is a strong terminology that became tradition values that could not be breaked by local people or visitor.
The Houses, There are 112 houses in Kampong Naga but only 109 were occupied, and the rest ones used for mosque, multi function room and rice barns. To avoid jealously among communities, every houses in kampong Naga have 1 guest room, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom and toilet outside the house.
The People, The living ways of the kampong Naga communities is very highly hold in esteem and justness. They lived in simple atmosphere and local wisdom environment that still in traditionally in their daily living ways.
Activities of the local people is a farmer and gardener as their main livelihood. The village is very fertile. When harvest time arrive, local people activites are focus on it such as spread out in the sun and cleared up the unhulled paddy to make it dry. All the process to be done with simple and trditional ways.
Hand Craft, every tourist can bring their memorial things ( hand gift ) with original hand craft of Kampong Naga characteristic at shopping shop around the location. Every single things made directly by hand of Kampong Naga communities and offered in reached prices.
Trekking Route,
there are around 439 stairs (depend on each person who count it) that should be through to Kampong Naga area, but it is very worthed with very amazing and enchantment of the powerful simplicity life in the Kampong Naga.
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Twinned Local Wisdom,
Influence by their believe and conserve their local mores from their ancestors legacy, Kampung Naga local people is still believe with Pamali or prohibition. They always reject everything from the outside of kampong with their opinion that it will damaging their environment eternity. Please do not be surprise if there won't be found any eletronical device or vehicle in this kampong. Every single of work to be done as well as manual way, even, they still use oil lamp at night to avoid electricity.

And what is more, Kampung Naga leader have a prohibition order for local people to fulfill their house with furnitures such as chair, table, and bad. And evenmore, they have to build the house as stage house and made from bamboo and woods with the roof from palm fiber from sugar palm or coarse grass. The house should build to north or south face with lengthwise direction to east or west, and the wall should made from bamboo plait. In another case, they have no permission to colorize their house except limed or dimeni.

Kampung Naga society is still believe with The Prohibition Month ( Palintangan ), where the opinion is there are a several days in a month as a bad day to make some of important thing such as build a house, marriage and custom ceremonies.

Although Kampong Naga people mention that they're Moslem, they still taking good care for their ancestor traditions. According to Kampong Naga beliefs, to keep and still running out their ancestor mores mean to respect the ancestors ( Karuhun ). Every single thing which coming form another lessons outside Kampong Naga ancestor, and something which un-done their Karuhun consider to taboo things. And if those things to be done by local people, it is mean to breaking the law (tradition), un-respect the ancestors, and it will cause calamities to Kampong Naga itself.

Tips to visit Kampong Naga :
1. Used local guiade ( Kampong Naga people ) if you never visit this village before, because there are several location has sacred reputation and taking a picture is not permitted, it is for you safety and safely purpose to avoid you will breaking the tradition.
2. You may stayed here as long as not on the spur of the movement, you should give information as well as in early time.
3. For everybody who stayed at Kampong Naga, please be a good manners such as used a respectful clothes and do not breaking the traditions.
4. There are no electricity, be wisely to bring your own powerbank or reserved battery. You may charging you device outside the village area.

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