The following are 2 active roles to make it happen :

  1. Tour Operator, this role is dedicated to all those who have a passion and desire as tour operators and represent tourist attraction in the local area with all its potential, including : culture, local wisdom, history, nature and facilities.

  2. Eco-Culture Agency, this role is dedicated to all those who have a passion and desire as entrepreneur or sales agency of the local products including clothes, handicrafts, typical food and beverages, processed sewage, local original accessories, decoration, etc.
    Every products will displayed in shopping center and products catalogue to make customers easyly to find it. Please visit our page ibuyme.

Together Everyone Achieve More

In line with our vision to make Indonesia the world famous, we would like to invite you all who have a sense of love and caring, passion for progress and entrepreneurship as well as thinking and have a positive mental attitude to play an active role to bring Indonesia to international level.

Every single victory had been reached will give impact and affects the other lifes ..... Reka Alam Indonesia

We knew that we can't work alone to make our dream come true. In other word, we build a system and our resources at whole part of Indonesia with no exploiting or damaging but to taking care and developing our harmony, uniquely and naturally to achieve glorious continuously.

We makes relationship between our product, customers, human resources and people needs through empowering people to think positively and produce creatively.

mental development

Have a question to join with us ???

Please contact us and becomes a part of advancement for Indonesia