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The Journey Scenario :

Day One : The First Strive
The long winding way for a happiness started from here, the first story for whole part of the stories that will be an ornament for your life story forever. As long as the journey, there will be your soul mate only who will accompany you to step by step forward and break through the limit of abilities. The world full of indeterminancy, there is only loyalty, steadines and self-confidence in share of bittersweet and make it as your true love ornament, which every second in opportunities, your journey will be eternited in the frame of memory album, so it will be your real witness for your history moments in your life time. When the day becomes a night, your journey have go along to the side but not to stopped here, because, this first night will be written the heartfeeling expression about the values of life in the past and in the future. With our religious fellowship (depend on couple religion), you will be stimulated to be more understood about the meaning of the strive to the Royal of God (happiness). And then, you will write down your hopes in your Love Story Diary.

Day Two : The Journey For The Throne
The Holy Promise to carve two human being as one of heart chain in life or death. Your smile will promise the clemency in emptiness, your tenderly carees give an equanimit to keep moving, and your little steps at beside becomes the spirit awaken to make a dream come true. Today, the top of eternity will be your destination and becomes the silent witness in emptiness where the holy promises will filled the air and break through the sky limits to open the door of heaven throne. Up there, it's proven that restrictiveness won't be able to block the achievement when you have a strong will and able to understanding the meaning of loyalty, steadiness, spirit of togetherness and self-confidence to walk-on your life choice forever.

Day Three : The Second Wing Stories
Your journey haven't over yet when you have to sail of life dynamically that full of indeterminancy. This could be the most hard part then before when mental (spirit) and body was no more in good balance. You will through the footpats again with your little step and step by step of your feets will overburdened your body and your spirit to go back to the real world. Oftentimes, this condition will be more difficult than before, because, you are already push to the limit of your abilities when you go to the top on your journey in the last day. You'll feel that you are so tired to keep moving, and worstly, you are bored with the same situation and condition. In other word, those situation and condition becomes a critical moment and as the best illustration in life, where life is not always in our side and sometimes you should go back to the beginning of life and start a new journey and to climb again and again to another higher place than before. At the end, you will be more understand that your promises without commitment is not enough to have a truly happiness.

Here are our recommended location for the best shot and experiences :
1. Mt. Gede - Pangrango via Cibodas, West Java
2. Mt. Prau - Dieng Plateau, Central Java
3. Mt. Rinjani, West Sumba
4. Mt. Bromo - Semeru, East Java
5. And others location that support for the scenario.

Happiness is not measured by how much material and
luxury you can give, but how deep you're to become the ones of
the most meaningful person and give a sense and purpose in life itself.

1. Itinerary and location can be modified according to your needs.
2. Every moments will be recorded as photos and videos documentation to make sure that you will get your full memories during the journey before editing and show it at your wedding reception ceremony.
3. Term and Condition is required.

" The Story Before The Stories "

It is a form of our premium service to create story before stories that will be immortalized in the lens of the camera either photo or video, so, it will be a memorable experience that will not be forgotten in the next stage of life, marriage. This activities is focused on every couple who want to make a meaningful pre wedding documentation, or, married couples who want to make documentation about their wedding journey that has been and will pass for it. However, each couple should not have experience in the wild activities before.

True Love Story is an activity based on activities in the wild especially mountaineering, where nature will give an answer and description about journey of life along with joy and sorrow contained the activities. We try to ilustrate the meaning of the journey of life that must be passed and enjoyed together. We provide a perspective in understanding the strength and weakness through the meaning of a struggle to achieve goals in life, especially marriage. Every experience during the activities will be reflected back and guided by the religion counselor to get the positive and useful values that will be expressed in Love Diary Book.

This activity is not just to measure the physical strength and ability to face the challenges and achiev goals, but how much mental strength and will to stick the belief and commitment to be the best for the couple and achieve goals together forever.

Abstraction :
When the sense can no longer be a words .....
And the turmoil is not able to stem the droplets of the soul .....
Then...that is the time when love has become King and Ruler of the world

The days that had been stung so lonely, now seemed lost with no mark .....
Cold nights that have been freezing, now seemed dancing and not edged .....
Now...the singer is just a pair of goddest gods hummed the poem of the human king
in tone and rhythm for all the time

Your True Love Story will started from here to carve the story bounding up with the holy promises. Becomes the God and Goddless couple is what people dream on their life. It is not the short journey when the limit of the skies no more as the world guardian when you have make a promises. Open your eyes to see the happiness, tide your ears to hear the sorrows. Turn off your feelings to skim the painful, raise up your soul to hold the happiness. Your heart is the peace maker and your eyes as the the light of the darkness. When your hands able to write down the script of happiness, then your foots as the guidance to the goodness, and all of your sense, sweat and emotion will be melt in the words of tenderness and full of affection in the strive for a glorious of mind.

The way that you've choose, is mounted and range on your eyes with full of challenges now. The steep and winding ways becomes a test, where only goodwill and steadiness have the ability to defeat the obstacles, flirtation and ordeal. Your journey won't be extinct even the stars and cloud smile with the sunshine, and say that your journey won't stop at here because the real life is not only in holy promises. Your journey will be end when the heaven has open the door and let you to come in through it.

Who are you...For who you have to be...What are you...???

Marriage is not a questions but statement, and nature will provide the answer. Love never fail, but people fail in love.Reka Alam Indonesia

And after all, the couple will be more familiar with the character and personality of each individual than before for the next journey of life (marriage), because, your real life stories started at the next time after you have done with your wedding reception ceremony.

Download True Love Story brochure here.

true love story

The Package includes :

      • Romance Adventure's Scenario
      • Love Story Diary for couple
      • Photo and Video Documentation ( Album & DCD )
      • Religious Officer for Holy Commitment
      • Tools and Equipments for loan
      • Foods & Beverages as long as the activities
      • Facilities & Accomodations as long as activities
      • Medicine (not for personal case) and Medical Officer
      • Trasportation
      • Professional Officer

Have an idea to makes story before the stories ???

Please contact us for detail information and itinerary depend on location.