positive mental for success


" We makes you as who you are "

We believe that every people unique and have their own natural spirit to be a winner, and we mention it with habits and perception. They need an ingenuously treatment, to be trusted and have a chances to proved the best thing they can do as a personal or team ... and the miracles will come true along with it.

CHANGE is something immortality and it will always be in time after time along with period development and technology advancement. The un-stable of situation and condition, full of paradox, ambivalent and un-predictable becomes an un-condusive things to perform maintainance with an old ways and perception to achieve glorious in the future.

In life, there is only one for what we have...COURAGE.
If we did not have it, so what is the price for our life itself....???

GUTS ( courage ) is one of the most quality needed for individual to complete his another abilities. Courage doesn't mean to take an actions and the risk bravely in hastily, but, it is more about the will and take the risk base on values and strong of self-confidence in completing a job although as the hardest challenges. We mention it with the balance between head, heart and guts as the mental and attitude combinations to develop self competency and character and achieve the glorious continuously.

Happy Learning is a different learning method that aim to provide new insights and experiences by looking at the self uniqueness, others and the natural surroundings. This method puts " fun " in learning process, so every participants will have a fun to follow the activities and breaking the challenges. Thus, the expected of learning values will be easier to be accepted, understand to be understood and applied in real action after the events took a place. Learning is something enjoyment, without thus feeling, it will be only a story with no meaning.

We developed a unique program with different characteristics for each activities depend on the objectives to be achieved. The programs will needs the balance between head, heart and guts by each participants to get maximum results during the activity.

Each person have capacities to show the courages with emotional intelligence and cognitive for a goal achievement. Happy Learning program have capability to provide the same of situation and condition which every participants will have a deal with themselves, others and environment in different and un-usual daily activities. And after all, they will have new perception and new paradigm to increase the positive mental attitudes and becomes the person who have the winner spirit ( character ).

Please learn our learning process here to compare our perception about Happy Learning method.

Our porgrams can be modified and customized in various activities that are fun
but provide maximum benefits, including :
1. Company Outing Program
2. Family / Employee Gathering
3. Team / Capacity Building
4. Adventure Training
5. And more ( by request and desire )

Note :
The location of the activity can be adjusted either within the office environment, hotel or resort with inside or outside Indonesia cities.

Have an idea to achieve more ???

Please understanding what you needs to makes yourself or your team beyond the limit