RAJA AMPAT....The World Paradise

This place is the hidden paradise with the world class and almost perfect place for everyone who want to make body and soul therapy. There are no one place in the world with the same classification than here. There is no one words can explain and describe this place except...IT IS WONDERFUL.

Everybody talking about this place caused by the beauty of the nature resources is very spectacular. Here, you will see and feel and should believe that God's has create this paradise with perfect imagination and deep desire and totally to be enjoyed by human being forever. So, it is the time for you to say thanks to God for creating the world paradise when you are here.

Located in West Papua, the fascinating of Raja Ampat has been known to foreign countries and becomes the most popular place in Indonesia since several years ago. Wayag, the volcanic stone group which mounted from the sea believed that it is more beautiful than Halong Bay in Vietnam. Raja Ampat has a million of enchantment to offer.

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If you amaze with Raja Ampat Islands and its deep blue sea, wait until you are diving in the clear water of the deep blue sea. The various and beauty of coast coral living, will makes you fall in love with this islands and hping never come back to your home again.

The Diver Paradise for underwater lover with the most complete of various marine species in the world. The sea with clean blue water will coddling your eyes with an amazing sight seeing in the water, especially the beauty of coral reefs and its lifes. There are hundreds of species of coral and beautiful marine fish species in its waters. Here, the perfect paradise has been found and you have to see and feel it by yourself the magic power of the nature.

Not only divers paradise, Raja Ampat is also a paradise for newlyweds or couple who want to make marriage celebration. The beauty of underwater world, coral reefs, and beaches, will supplement the special moment to spend your honeymoon or celebration. On the beach of each small islands, white sand are very seductive. For newlyweds, enjoying the Raja Ampat is a dream honeymoon, it's feel like make honeymoon in paradise. There are so many places (Inn or Resort) which offer the special packages to make unforgettable moment in here where you can relax with a blue ocean in front of you. Clear sea water with ornamental fish and corals are so clearly visible beneath you. It feels so perfect to spend time in this place with loved ones.

Yes it is quite expensive if you want to have a perfect vacation here than another destinations in Indonesia, but Raja Ampat have their own way to answer your price because it is worthed for what will you get and your money can not be compared with the experiences as long as you are here, for ever the time. Raja Ampat is the perfect world paradise in the earth.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.

Make sure that you are already choose your activities or destination before you decide to go to Raja Ampat Islands because you won't found easy access if you want to explore this islands.


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