TANA TORAJA....The Secret Land

The Toraja prove there is life after death with their elaborate ceremonies. Take the beauty of Bali, the houses of Bataks in Sumatera and the megalithic cultures of Sumba and you are still not even close. Cave graves, hanging graves, tau tau (life-sized wooden effigies) of the dead and buffalo carnage every summer; it's macabre but mesmerizing. This is a world unto itself.

Tana Toraja, often referred to as The Land of The Heavenly Kings. An ethnic group who believes that their forefathers descended from heaven onto a mountain some twenty generations ago, the Toraja people has a unique culture based on animistic beliefs. Known for their grand burial ceremonies on cliffs or hanging graves, they practice an ancestral cult even today where death and afterlife ceremonies are great feasts when buffaloes are sacrificed in the final death ceremony, after which the deceased's remains are placed in the coffin and interred in caves hollowed out in high cliffs.

The Land of the Heavenly Kings
According to the local myth, the ancestors of Toraja came down from heaven using stairs, which were lated used as a mean to communicate with their Creator, Puang Matua.
The Walking Death, Ma'nene is the holy ceremony to changes the clothes of family member that already dead. Torajan people believes that everybody who are already dead are still around of them until buried. They will take a place the body in the coffin and taking a good care as the form of admiration for their dead family. It is terrify, but reality.
Tongkonan House,
The house have a striking roofs shaped like a boat and saddlebacked. Legend has it that the Toraja first came to Sulawesi from the north by boats, but caught in a fierce unforgiving storm, their boats were so badly damaged that they used them as roofs for their new dwellings.
Tau Tau Effigy
Tau Tau is life-sized wooden or bamboo effigies and usually placed in the cave that overlooks the land. The word tau is a Torajan word meaning man.
The Cave Graves, Torajan people bury their dead in various ways: the coffin may be hung on a cliff or laid in a cave or in a carved stone grave. Each coffin contains any possessions that the departed will need in the after life. The wealthy Torajans are often buried in a stone grave carved out of a rocky cliff.
Baby Graves Trees,
The Toraja have a unique approach to marking the death of a baby. If a child dies before teething, the family cuts a hole into the side of a tree and places the little corpse inside. Afterwards, the tree regrows around the baby’s body and absorbs it.
Wood Carving, are Toraja’s foremost cultural manifestation, which they undertake in order to express foremost social and religious concepts. Each and every carving receives a special name, and common motifs are scenes from local life, as well as animals and plants that symbolize some virtue.
Bori’ Parinding, an amalgamation of ceremonial grounds and burials, large upright stone stand, each representing a feast of merit performed in the past by a certain high status person. Scattered around the ceremonial ground are huge stone boulders with stone chambers carved out of them, where human remains are placed.
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Tana Toraja Itinerary :

Day 1: Denpasar - Makassar - Bantimurung - Sengkang ( L )
Morning pick-up service at your hotel in South Bali for a transfer to airport. The morning flight will then take you to Makassar. On arrival, we directly drive to Sengkang, famous as the center of traditional sutera silk clothes factory in South Sulawesi. On the way, we visit Bantimurung waterfall which also famous for its colorful butterflies. Lunch en route. In the afternoon, arrive in Sengkang and directly to the Lake Tempe where we will have a boat trip to discover the way of life of Buginese fishermen with their floating houses. Overnight stay at simple accommodation in Sengkang.

Day 2: Sengkang - Palopo - Tana Toraja ( B,L )
After breakfast, we will visit the traditional silk factory where women hand spin and weave silk clothes. Then drive to Tana toraja via Palopo where we will find many spectacular views along the road. Lunch en route. In the afternoon arrive in Tana Toraja and overnight stays here. Rest of the days is free at leisure.

Day 3: Tana Toraja ( B,L )
After breakfast, full day excursion to visit the main attractions of Toraja Land. Visit the stone hanging grave of Lemo with its Tau Tau effigies. Continue to Kambira where we will find the peculiar baby graves in the trees. Onwards we will explore the architecture of Tongkonan houses in Kete Kesu village and Londa, which is a natural grave with entombed deceased. Lunch will be served at local restaurant in Rantepao. In the afternoon, we visit Nanggala and Siguntuk, local Torajan villages famous for their old Tongkonan houses and rice barns. then return to hotel, overnight.

Day 4: Tana Toraja ( B,L )
After breakfast, have a morning trip to visit Tinombayo, where we can enjoy the spectacular view of the megalith stones spread over the extensive rice fields. Then to a burial cave of Lokomata. From Lokomata, we continue our trip to Batutumonga where we will a have short trekking, enjoy the beautiful panorama and experience a moment of the unique Torajan life style. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Batutumonga. In the afternoon, we will visit Pallawa & Sa'dan, local Torajan villages famous for their wood carving. Return to hotel and stay for a night.

Day 5: Toraja - Makassar - Denpasar ( B,L )
After an early breakfast, return to Makassar with en route stop for lunch at a local restaurant. On arrival, direct to the airport for your flight to Denpasar, where on arrival, the transport will take you to your hotel in South Bali.

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Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.

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