team building program in Indonesia


" One is never enough to achieve more "

We believe that every people have their own desire and imagination for dealing with themselves when join in the group. They will try to be the best person or member of the group and total surrender for their abilities to achieve a goal. They will act as role player for a positive group results and being success in the future.

Every group member knows what they have to do for a group, they knows that success is depends on how they make everything to be done. But sometimes, they are stuck with their own group to achieve a goal and success for a small group only. They forgot about the " BIG FISH " that could be achieved more than what they have done.

Success is a dream and becomes the last people destination and organizations in all sectors. This "magic word" will burn-out the spirit and push to the limit of all capabilities to achieve it. However, success is still becomes a different paradigm for each subjects, and oftentimes, it's linked with the material only as the result of the actions.

The difference of work group and work team ...???

In organizational context which have team works and work system, one of achievement can not be mention as big success when the impact of the result is still only in one scoupe of small/one team work, and ironicaly, people haven't understand yet about this perception. This phenomenon is reasonable opinion considering to the number of team works in every organization are interconnected and influencing each others. Even, there are an extreme opinion that success is the series of multiple achievements with the result increasing and give an extend benefit larger than targeted.

For several decades, employee character and positive mental attitude building became the main attention for human resources development in every organization who want to achieve more. They made an employee as the most important assets in business organization, then, human resources development is must to give more knowledge about the different between work group and work team, so the employee will have a chance to give maximum contribution and support for company goal achievement continuously.

This program is suitable to be applied in the conduct refresher or deepening again about the importance of teamwork and goal achievement processing. According to the common vision, the team will show up their ability to direct individual accomplishment toward the organization objectives.

The objectives for activities :
1. Fun and Togetherness
2. Team Awareness
3. Capacity Building
4. And more.

Development Area : :
1. Thinking out of the box
2. Build the team cohesiveness
3. Develop an accountability attitude
4. Trust building for goal achievements
5. Everybody is a key player and team player
6. Self and others understanding to make a teamwork
7. And more.

You have to come out from your old perception to achieve more .... have you ???

Have an idea to makes your team beyond the limit ???

Please understanding what is your team needs and see the miracles that they can make for it.