SENGGIGI BEACH, Located in Lombok NTB, Senggigi beach is a popular tourist destination to foreign countries. This beach has very beautiful underwater scenery , and I wonder if snorkelling is a major tourist there. Senggigi beach also has a very beautiful coral reefs, and even some towering in the middle of the ocean.
RAJA AMPAT BEACH, This beach including beach with views of the most exotic of Indonesia. This beach belongs to the province of West Papua. As the largest marine park owned by Indonesia, the richness and beauty of this beach has 75% of coral reefs in the world in the world. There is no secret paradise on earth but here.
Who does not know the Kuta beach. Kuta Beach is also a very beautiful beach and many visited by tourists every day. Kuta Beach located in the south of Denpasar Bali. This beach visitors usually come to enjoy the sunset Beach. Even Kuta Beach has been famous since the 1970s.
PARAI TENGGIRI BEACH, This beach is famous for granite rocks that have very unique shape. Parai Tenggiri beach located in Matras region, Sungailiat, Bangka Belitung. In addition to granite rocks, this beach has white sand and blue water with calm condition.
BUNAKEN BEACH, This beach located at Bunaken national park and has a beautiful underwater world. Lots of foreign tourists who come for a snorkel or diving. Not only that, the beach Bunaken also has a very beautiful white sand. This is the heaven for underwater world lover.
PINK BEACH, Local people call it with red beach, while tourist mention it with pink bech. Thus smooth colour will spoiled you eyes when the wave through on it. It is the one of Komodo Island National Park fascinating destination when you make a trip in West Sumba. Thanks God had been created this miracles.
RED ISLAND BEACH, This is one of pledge destination at Banyuwangi district. The beach with blue and orange silhouet from sunset is the one of incredible moment and becomes the best of unforgetable sight seeing in your life. The waves is the most attractive activity for international surfer who came in here.
DERAWAN BEACH, Derawan Island including Maratua, Kakaban, and Sangalaki Island ( here after I name it as Derawan ) is one of underwater heaven in Indonesia. It is located in the north-eastern part of Borneo Island. There is a lot of ocean activities eg : surfing and snorkelling to fulfil your passion and satisfaction.
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