MOUNTAIN BIKE, Bromo Desert - For speed lover, bicycle is one of the best optional to explore the world. there are so many trail and track location to fulfil the need of speed. This vehicle is very suitable to accros various of track or trail eg: desert, jungle track, hill and etc which machine can not through for it.
CAVE EXPLORER, Jomblang Cave - This is the vertical cave and 80m depth with the beautiful " light of God " from sunlight every 12 o'clock local time. The operator will lift your team from the top and brings you to explore the 250m length for 3-4 hours. "Luweng Jomblang" is what local people mention on it.
RAFTING, Pekalen River - This is not about having fun only, but how to keep spirit together. There are so many location to do this fun activity. And after all, choose your location and brings your group to enjoy, feel and increase the harmony with the rhythm of togetherness.
ROCK CLIMBING, Mt. Parang - The activity which need power, balancing and hard training to achieve the destination...on the top. It is not about braveness and not afraid to die, but they performed for what they want and satisfaction. Jatiluhur is the best option for every climber to fulfil their hobbies and to appreciate their passion.
LANDY EXPLORER, Bandung - An adventure begin from here and this vehicle had been created as well as an explorer. There are so many Land Rover Communities and spread at whole part of Indonesia who made this "machine" as their main media to fulfil their hobbies. Life without adventures is nothing.
PARAGLIDING, Malang City - Feel the air just like a bird. This activity need your mental of high because you will fly at 300m minimum from the ground. Good mental and physical condition will require for everybody who want to fly with it. Bandung, Puncak and Malang city are the right option to find the best "eagle view" with it.
SURFING, Bono Seven Ghost - As an archipelago country, Indonesia have a lot of water sport activities that would be interesting for extreme lover. And the best of two location for surfing is at Bono Seven Ghost which surfing at the big river wave, or you may go to Plengkung Beach to find the best atlantic waves for surfing activity.
MOTORBIKE, Mt. Bromo - This vehicle becomes another stories for rider lover. With the ability to accros various of track, this machine is the favourite equipment to make a maximum speed in adventures. You may choose your locations eg : mountain, desert, jungle or racing trail to increase your adrenalin and maximize your speed.
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