there are a lot of fortress number that spread at all Indonesia region caused by the range of time of Dutch expansion. Take Europe architecture style, those fortress has became a silent witnes and real of the long struggle process for Indonesia Independence, and must to to visited.
Fort Veredeburg (1765),
Located at Malioboro road opposite with Yogyakarta Great Building, foursquare and arounded with moat, to look down the Mataram interest and protect VOC interest that completed with scout room and fortress at the fourth corner.
Fort Rotterdam (1545),
Built by Gowa King of Imanrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung with square loam as basic material, and have a Portuguese architecture style at 16 and 17 centuries. VOC rebuilt again as the central of administration and commercial in East of Indonesia.
Fort Speelwijk (1685),
Located at Kasemen village, Serang - Banten in the Abu Bakar Nasr Adul Qohhar King Administration, it has a commander room, church, arsenal, administration office, VOC shops and commercial room, Scout room at the top of North wall, and Cibanten river area as the custom location for ships.
Fort Marlborough,
Located at Bengkulu district as England heritage, built in EIC (East Indian Company) era at 1713 - 1719 by Governor Joseph Callet command. It is the second of the strongest fortress in Asia after Fort George at Madras, India.
Fort Vastenburg (1745),
The name is Grootmoedigheid before, built by Governor General Baron van Imhoff as VOC fortress in Central Java at the heart of Surakarta, near with Kasunanan Palace to make easier in observe Yogyakarta Kasunanan Palace activation.
Fort de Kock (1825),
Built at Bukittinggi highland when Tuanku Imam BOnjol and Harimau Nan Salapan lead West Sumatera people to made against to VOC. There are some of meriam from 19 century at around of the fort. It's purpose to fight back and handling The Paderi War.
Fort Victoria (1575),
Located at Maluku and build by Portuguese, VOC taking it over at 1602. There are a lot of damage spot of building, but the wall which facing the bay still in protection. From here, VOC making a big mobilize army to fighting against the Saparua rebellion.
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