Amorphophallus Titanum
"Bunga Bangkai" was called and the one of scarce vegetations in Indonesia that only sprout up in Sumatera island. The smelly vegetation and grow up reciprocally in two phase of life. "Bunga Bangkai" was not Arecaceae (palmae) family but Araceae (taro).
This is the characterisitic of South East Asia vegetation and include an carnivore vegetation. Insects became the main consumption to live with " gland nectar " at the cover pouch to hold the insects keep inside and protect it from another predators.
Palaquium Walsurifolium
BALAM SUNTAI is the one of Indonesian original vegetation. It has a good quality of shaft. So, it is not a wonder if this vegetation becomes favourite for everyone because of its quality.
Santalum Album / Sandal Wood
Cendana Wangi is the most of expensive tree in Indonesia. The woods used as an sandal wood oil, spice, perfume mixed, aromatic therapy, myrrh material and weapon "keris" container. Cendana is the parasite vegetation for the first life. Its sproud will need a parent-tree to support it because unstable of its roots.
Raflesia Arnoldi
Raflesia is a tropical vegetation which found in Bengkulu National Park, Sumatera. This is the biggest flower with 1 metres lenght of the diameter and called "carrion flower" with its stingly smell which it used to attract the fly as pollination. It is the parasite vegetation and need a parent tree for growth.
Johannestijsmania altifrons
SANG LEAF only found in Sumatera especially in Aras Napal - Besitang, Langkat District. This vegetation found in 19 century by Dutch researcher, Professor Teijsman.
Grammatophyllum speciosum
Anggrek tebu, is the biggest and heaviest among with its species. It will reach 1000kg weight and 3m length with 1,5cm to 2cm diameter in one clump of growth. It is why "anggrek tebu" have a predicate as the giant anggrek in the world.
Fagraea Fragrans / TEMBESU
Its grow up at the flat land or dry land, sandy loam oil with rain fall type A till B at 0 - 500 asdpl. It could reach 40m high and 80cm diameter with standing steam without buttress root. Hard wood in old yellow gold or brown orange color. The outside skin is brown until dark with shallow grooved and flaking.
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