Indonesia Seven Summit
The Seven Summits of Indonesia is the highest peak of Indonesia mountain which spread at seven main islands of Indonesia : Papua, Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Moluccas Islands, and Sumba islands (Bali and Sumba). The idea is familiar with The world seven summit that has been famous for mountaineering and Cartensz Pyramid (Papua) became one of them.
Cartenzs Pyramid (4.884 m dpl)
Puncak Jaya ( Cartensz Pyramid ) is a part of Maoke Mountain Range ( Barisan Sudirman ) that located in Papua Province at 04' 03' 48' south parallel and 137' 11' 09' east longitude, and one of the seven summit in seven continent by Reinhold Messne version. Easiest rekking route may through Ilaga (North) or Singa and Tembagapura (South).
RANTE MARIO (3.478 m dpl)
The top peak in Sulawesi is Rante Mario at Latimojong mountain. Latimojong mountain range is not volcano and located in Enrekang District, South Sulawesi at 3' 22' 54' south parallel and 120' 1' 43' east longitude. Trekking route could be started from Karangan village.
RINJANI (3.726 m dpl)
The top peak in Bali and Sumba islands is belong to Mt. Rinjani. This mountain located in Lombok island of West Sumba province at 8' 25' south parallel and 116' 28' east longitude. Trekking route may started from Sembalun Lawang village. This is favourite mountain for mountain lover from local or international.
MAHAMERU, SEMERU (3.676 m dpl)
The top roof in Java island is Mahameru (Mt. Semeru) and located in East Java Province - Malayang and Lumajang district - with the geographical position at 8' 6' 28' south parallel and 112' 55' 12' east longitude. Trekking route could be started from Ranupane village.
KERINCI (3.800 m dpl)
Indrapura peak at Kerinci mountain is the highest land in Sumatera island. This mountain located in West Sumatera and Jambi border at 10' 45,50' south parallel and 1010' 160' east longitude. This mountain may started to climb from Kersik Tuo village route.
BINAIYA (3.027 m dpl)
Moluccas island have the highest land at Binaia Mountain (Binaiya). It is not a volcano and located in Seram island, the Middle Moluccas province, Moluccas at 3' 10' south parallel and 129' 28' east longitude. Trekking route to the top wcould be started from Kanike village.
BUKIT RAYA (2.278 m dpl)
The top peak in Borneo is Kinabalu, but it is include in Malaysia regiaon. So Bukit Raya mountain choose as the highest land in this island. It is not a volcano and part of Muller Schwaner located in Katingan district, Central Borneo at 112' 07' east longitude and 00' 24' south parallel. The trekking route could be started from Nanga Popai, West Borneo.
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