Whenever you want to make travelling especially Indonesia, all things must be prepared carefully
Start with research about the area or destination you want to visit, if you have a map that will be better.
Here are some tips and tricks that you should consider before traveling :


  • You must gather information about the destination as much as possible. Whether the area is a mountain, or the beach. Do not get the wrong costume or wrong with the weather when traveling.
  • Make a list of important documents that must be taken and multiplied to avoid unwanted things. Eg : Identity Card / Passport, important phone numbers, and other ATM and store in your hand luggage.
  • Make a hotel reservation, car, and train or flight beforehand.
    In addition it may be cheaper also avoid running out of tickets.
  • Pay attention to the weather. You can think about how many clothes or equipment that must be prepared and taken. Although the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency can not guarantee the weather in Indonesia, at least you get the weather approximate.
  • Check back of your credit card validity, if possible ask for credit increase or create a new credit card that can be received in many places. Bringing ATM are considered safer than carrying cash.
  • Check the expiry date of your driver's license. Extend the driver's license only takes a few hours.
  • Prepare transportation carefully. If you use a private car then do not forget to check all parts of the car.
  • Make a note of what items would you take from toiletries to the type of shoes required, especially for those who have small children.
  • If you are planning to visit the area which requires injections of vaccine or taking certain medications, do it. For example, taking quinine before going to Papua to prevent you from malaria. Better be careful than you fell ill during a holiday or when returning home.
  • Study carefully the rules and policies of local governments in carrying equipment, supplies and personal needs are considered forbidden. Note: Each region or country has regulations and policies may have different policies.


  • Use Tour Operator or Tour Agency that has credibility. It is a guarantee for your journey are doing will give maximum results as expected. There is so many travel agents who offer services without ethics and standards of good service.
  • Recognize and respect the customs or culture in which you will visit as it will help at all to adapt and interact to avoid mistakes or offenses contrary to the local culture.
  • Make and ensure your itinerary, the places which you will visit not to get a nice place for omissions or spend too much time in one place so you do not have time to explore the area.
  • Reduce consumption of foods that contain lots of salt before traveling because of the salt content is capable of storing the water content in the body. If a long trip and you too much sitting, the legs will swell because of the water content of the resulting salt. You also will be more frequent back and forth to the toilet to urinate.
  • Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain health. Moreover, the day before departure on holiday. Rested body is a must.
  • Eat vitamin regularly because of the length of the trip and the weather can affect health conditions.
  • Expand drinking mineral water to maintain the condition of your body stay fresh with unpredictable weather.
  • When you want to buy souvenirs or other items, do offer careful and clever to get the price that suits your pocket.
  • Follow all instructions and regulations that exist in each area for your comfort and safety during traveling.
  • Be wise traveler who care for and preserve natural resources for the future and its contents.

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