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West Papua is the East tip of Indonesia province and becomes the forgotten island for the last decades. Papua has a lot of potential that haven't been reached by government. There are standing upright the white land (snow) at one of the seven summit in the world...Cartensz Pyramid.

Baliem Valley is another spectacular treasure for nature resources at Papua land. The Valley is 60 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide and is surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks rising to between 2,500 and 3,000 meters, which an ideal location for innovative trek that follows trails through the jungle and mountain environment. The trekking itself is considered moderate to challenging grade as well trek up and down the hills, cross rivers an thru its slippery banks. The Baliem Highlands is centered on the Grand Valley some 1,600m above the sea level. Temperatures of the highland are ranged from 26 degrees Celcius at the day time and 12 degrees at night.

There are three main tribes that inhabit the baliem valley : Dani tribe in the lowest plain, Lani tribe in west and Yali tribe in south-east. Each tribe has a different culture. One sure and interesting way to distinguish those tribes is from Koteka, or penis gourds, worn by men. The Dani tribe uses a long thin of koteka, Lani tribe uses the round shape, and Yali tribe using the longest koteka of all with the rattan around the waist. Usually single women - Dani or Lani tribes - wearing short leather skirts under the buttocks, while married women wearing orchid fiber skirts, sometimes decorated with straw and woven bags called "noken" and placed on their backs. Dani and Lani are closely related - speak in different dialects of the same language but can still understand each other. While Yali tribe speaks in completely different language with other tribes. They live in a distant virgin forest located on a higher plateau. Can take 5 days trip by land to reach it.
Before 1970, the yali tribe closed from the outside world and was suspected to be still cannibals before the missionaries introduction the Christian religion and opened to the outside world.

You will see the other side of life dimension here which so-called STONES AGE as they are almost naked people, as well as to experience their ancient way of love.

Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
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Baliem Valley Festival.....The War, The Art and The Brotherhood

Baliem Valley Festival is considered as a unique festival, the wildest and most exotic on planet. If you love something new, you can not miss this festival. One thing that makes the famous Baliem Valley is convening Baliem Valley Cultural Festival, better known by the name of the Baliem Valley Festival. Baliem Valley Festival was originally the event of war between Dani, Lani, and Yali tribe as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. A festival that is the scene of a power struggle between tribes and has been going on for generations, of course safe for you to enjoy.

Baliem Valley Festival last for three days and is held each August to coincide with the celebration of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia month since 1989 that it was the first year of held. The special thing that this festival begins with a trigger scenario of war as abductions, child murder rate, or raid the newly opened field. The existence of these triggers cause other tribes must avenge that the raid was carried out. This attraction does not make revenge or hostility as the theme but rather a positive meaning, namely "Yogotak Hubuluk Motog Hanoro" which means Hope Will Tomorrow Need Better than Today.

The main point of interest of the festival will be massive tribal attraction involving the all natives group living in the surrounding area of the giant valley. All tribes group will deliver their envoy to attend the festival while bringing all tribes attributes, kotekas, art and craft. By attending the massive festival, you will have a great chance to know and learn the culture of the each attending tribes without having to make visit to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua.

Come to the festival guests will feel like you are living in the space of primitive time. There, each person will find the true value of life, the concept of happiness was very casual and rustic.

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