JOGJAKARTA....The Land of Honour

Jogjakarta / Yogya, the name is derived from the Sanskrit "Ayodya", the capital city of Rama in the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Here is all about heritage. The city is renowned as a centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. Because of its proximity to world famous Borobudur and Prambanan temples, also because having unique Javanese court Kraton culture of Kraton Jogjakarta, it has become the second most important tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali.

Jogjakarta is the only one city which leaded by Kings - Sultan Hamengkubuwono - as legitimately by the Indonesian government. The King is a symbol and policy taker (Governor) for the glorious of Jogja society which every Kraton decision is for the citizen prosperity. This city has a long history for Indonesia independence, and becomes alternative as the Capital City of Indonesia after the Dutch expansion part two.

For the last several decades, Yogya becames the famous city in domestic or international as the peaceful city which the citizen are very helpful and friendly for foreigners who came to Yogya. Local people will give an extra-ordinary service and treat as a honour guest for everyone who came to Yogya especially tourist, so it will make them feel like a home.

Yogyakarta, the place where honour became reality and everybody lived in harmony between nature, society, culture and their leader along with the period of development. It is worthed for the life itself.

keraton palace yogya
Kraton Palace is the place where honour becomes reality. Here, the supremacy was belong to King as the first person who makes policies for all of people interest in Jogjakarta. Kraton Palace is an advancement symbol for Jogja society and aound of the city.
the king of yogya
Sultan Hamengkubuwono
The King or Sultan Hamengkubuwono is the main ambassador to represent the Javanese culture ( especially Mid-Java ) and Indonesia government for Jogja society, however, Jogjakarta had been lead by a king for 10 generations since this Kingdom was developed.
prambanan temple indonesia
PRAMBANAN TEMPLE, here are the legend stories began, which, it's becomes very famous story for Javanese people with its legend. Prambanan temple believes that the temple was built with the power of love by magically. In otherwise, Prambanan temple is one of the magnificent places to visit in Jogjakarta.
borobudur temple indonesia
BOROBUDUR TEMPLE, It is incredible and amazing temple with the design story on the relief stone in various of theme, which, level by level until the top of "stupa" will describe the story of the life stratum that should be through for everybody who want to have a perfectfulness in life and death.
taman sari palace yogya indonesia
Taman Sari Palace, is the small famous palace as part of Kraton Palace, which, this place is a gift from the king and became a home for The Queen with family members. There is a beautiful architectures appropriated with its function as the place for king in making love.
parangtritis beach indonesia
The famous beach in Jogjakarta for several decades ago and became the most popular tourist destination to see the best of sunset when visiting Jogjakarta. Once in every year, this beach will get the peak of visit session when Kraton Palace makes tradition ceremonial by releasing ( Larung - Java ) the crop packages to the ocean as thankfulness to God.
ramayana ballet indonesia
RAMAYANA BALLET, The spectacular shows that should not to be missed when you are in Jogjakarta. The basic story is Ramayana Epic ( Hinduism ) with theme of Rama and Shinta love story, but, the main idea is about goodness against wickedness and the goodness will always be a winner that was packed in the beauty of dramatics.
merapi mountain tour indonesia
Mt. Merapi, It is believed that this mountain have a special relationship with Kraton Palace in mystically. Otherwise, this mountain is the most active volcano in Java and Indonesia as generally even have beautiful sightseeing during the journey to rhe top.
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Jogjakarta Itinerary :

Day 1-3: Denpasar - Ijen - Bromo - Yogya
A morning pick-up service will then take you to Gilimanuk for ferry crosses to Ketapang in East Java. Next day is reserved for a 05.00 am trip to Paltuding at the foot of Mount Ijen. Ijen Crater lies at 2,386m above the sea level on still active volcanoes complex with its spectacular natural view of crater-lake. The trip is recommended for Active Ages only, as the journey to the top is quite challenging. A trip to catch the sunrise and to reach the active Mt. Bromo volcano is our next destination. After this magnificent trip, catch the "exclusive train" to Yogya.

Day 4-5: Jogjakarta
Your days in Yogya will be filled with interesting trips featuring Sultan's Royal Palace (Kraton), Bird Market, Taman Sari Water Castle, Batik Home Industry, Kotagede silversmith and leather puppet or Wayang handicraft. The world famous Borobudur Buddhist Temple and the most impressive 9th century Prambanan temple will also discoverable, even a transfer by Andong (horse-drawn carriage) or Becak (three wheeled carriage) to for dinner and to watch the Ramayana Ballet performance.

Day 6: Jogjakarta - Out ( B )
After breakfast at hotel, we arrange an airport transfer for your flight to next destination.

Term and Condition is required.
Itinerary can be modified and customized according to your needs.

Pre accommodation on Bali before the overland trip can be organized, as well as post trip accommodation on Yogya in case of an extension stays, air ticket from Yogya to any domestic destination can be prepared with arrival transfer at the destination.

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